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Ever since ZUKU came into recognition, it has been popular across the country due to the many channels it offers. ZUKU has got you covered in both sports, entertainment, education, music, movies, business, kids, news, comedy, drama, and wildlife, among others. With ZUKU, there is a guarantee that you will have full access to all sorts of entertainment. The age bracket for children won’t matter since it has a kids’ show to keep your child busy.

ZUKU, however, comes with a dish as a source of trapping signals, guaranteeing smooth streaming. For you to continue enjoying ZUKU, then you will need to pay a monthly subscription for different packages. That brings us to the question of how much ZUKU is per month.

The cost of ZUKU per month ranges from about Ksh.450 to Ksh.1,600 on an average. This is the monthly subscription of ZUKU packages in Kenya Shillings.

ZUKU TV Packages Cost

You might be wondering how much the ZUKU TV package costs. The prices of the packages will vary greatly. This means that there is no single package that has a set price. Depending on the number of channels, some packages may be more expensive than others.

ZUKU Packages and Prices

Here are some ZUKU packages and prices:

  • ZUKU premium about Ksh.1,549.
  • ZUKU classic Ksh.1,099.
  • Asian package Ksh.1,150.
  • ZUKU smart Ksh.449.
  • Ksh.600 for ZUKU smart plus.

That is a brief summary of some of the ZUKU TV packages and prices in Kenya. 


That was a quick summary of how much ZUKU costs per month and the estimated prices. If you’ve ever wanted to own a ZUKU, now is the time. You should buy it without hesitation and pay for the monthly subscription.

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