How To Apply For Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number Online | Explained

Lipa na Mpesa Till number is highly preferred by Kenyan businesses because customers incur no transaction costs and the business incurs a transaction cost of 0.5 percent, which is quite affordable. Safaricom provides the till number, which enables businesses to transact money easily and without complications. Once you have a till number, you will be given a separate Mpesa account for your business, allowing you to avoid mixing personal and business funds.

Are you wondering how to apply for a Safaricom till number? Applying for a till number application online is very easy when you follow the right procedure.

8 Easy Steps to Apply for Mpesa Till Number

Let me take you through the guide on how to apply for a Lipa na Mpesa till number online:

1. Open this link in your browser.

2. Log in to the portal and click on “Apply Now” for the Mpesa business till application.

3. Select Mpesa business till or short-term paybill.

4. Choose a limited liability company, an individual business, or a sole proprietorship.

5. You will get a till number and a store number via an SMS on the number you provided while applying for the till number.

6. Download the Lipa na Mpesa sticker from that portal.

7. Dial *234# to activate your business till number.

8. Change the pin if need be.

Start using your Lipa na Mpesa till number. Instant messages will be sent to you after every transaction using your business till number.

Individual Mpesa Till Application Requirements

You may desire to know the application for Mpesa till number as an individual requirements, which are:

  1. A copy of your national ID.
  2. Copy of individual KRA pin certificate.
  3. Copy of certificate of business registration.
  4. A copy of a cancelled cheque from the bank, stating the bank’s details.

To conduct an Mpesa till number search, simply dial *234# and follow the given procedure.


To sum up, Mpesa till number charges are always affordable, making this a suitable payment method for your business. The Lipa na Mpesa application is simple. Besides, you do not have to necessarily go to the Safaricom shop as you can do it online. Apply for Mpesa till number today to enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

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