How To Apply For Lost KCPE Certificate Online | Easy Steps!

Losing your KCPE certificate might be quite unfortunate, and the first thing that comes to your mind is how to apply for your KCPE replacement. KNEC certificate replacement online has made life simple and easier for Kenyans by upgrading its services, more so the online services, as one can self-serve without straining.

Have you lost your KCPE certificate and do not know how to apply for a replacement? Well, this article is definitely for you.

Application for a Lost KCPE Certificate

The following is a step-by-step guide that you can use to apply for a lost KCPE certificate online:

1. Log in to the KNEC portal.

2. Click on the lost certificate.

3. Choose the KCPE certificate option.

4. Fill in the lost certificate application form.

5. Upload the required documents as requested in the application form.

6. Fees must be paid before submitting your application.

7. Click on “submit” to complete the application process.

Download certificate replacement forms so that you can present them to the KNEC offices when collecting your KCPE certificate after fifteen days.

I hope you are now enlightened on how to apply for a lost KCPE certificate.

How to Download a KCPE Certificate

You may also desire to know how to download a KCPE certificate online by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the KNEC portal.
  2. Key in the password for your school.
  3. Enter your index number.
  4. Click here to download my KCPE certificate.
  5. Click on print to attain a hard copy.

Are you asking yourself, “Can I download my KSCE certificate online?” Yes, you can download your KCSE certificate online by opening the KNEC website and clicking on examination results, where you will click on download.


To sum up, application of a lost KCPE certificate is only easy when you follow the right online procedure. Besides, it is quite costly to replace a lost certificate, so be keen enough to avoid losing yours. Nowadays, KNEC stopped replacement of lost certificates and instead gives you a certification letter, which will show that you sat for the national examinations.

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