How to Apply For Mpesa Statement Instantly Using Your Phone

The Mpesa statement is important because it allows you to track the transactions that have occurred in your Mpesa account. Mpesa statements are essential since they can be used as evidence in cases of fraud and other illegal activities. Depending on your preferences, you can obtain a Mpesa statement for a year, six months, or even a few days.

Safaricom has improved its services, particularly its online services, allowing users to access Mpesa statements without difficulty. In this article, I will demonstrate various methods for applying for Mpesa statements with ease.

Application For Mpesa Statement

Let us get started on the procedure of how to apply for Mpesa statement:

  1. Use your mobile phone to dial *334#.
  2. Click on option seven, which stands for my account.
  3. Select the Mpesa statement, which is option 3.
  4. You will get your Mpesa statement via email or SMS, depending on your choice.

This is the easiest way to apply for Mpesa statements using your mobile phone.

Moreover, there is the Mpesa statement app, which caters for Mpesa statement online registration. All you need here is an internet connection and to log in to the app. Request for the Mpesa statement, which will be instantly displayed on your screen.

Advantages of Having Mpesa Statement in Excel

The Mpesa statement in Excel helps you to:

  1. Track money movements.
  2. Make financial analysis and bookkeeping.
  3. Till reconciliation and matching.
  4. Make an end of month report.
  5. Loan appraisal.


To sum up, Mpesa has brought more benefits to society at large as one is able to transact money easily without necessarily having to go to the banks. Aside from that, you can obtain evidence of the transaction by requesting for Mpesa statements in case your Mpesa messages are deleted. This has helped many Kenyans in different ways.

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