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Board members play an important role in steering the organization towards a successful future by creating sound, ethical and legal governance. Besides, they create a strategic plan and ensure its implementation by the members of the organization at large in order to maximize profits. Board members are needed in all organizations as they are the core energy in an organization.

Are you looking for how to become a board member in Kenya? Well, here are the steps that will help you become a board member in Kenya:

  1. Attain a Bachelor’s degree in courses such as business, finance, accounting, and software development, among others.
  2. Gain experience by joining a non-profit board of directors, as this will help you achieve a role on the cooperative board.
  3. Doing a self promotion by writing articles, creating a professional website, etc  so that organization can be able to know you better. 
  4. Network communication, which can help you meet board members and build a professional relationship. This will help you get a job easily.
  5. Conduct thorough research on board of directors vacancies in different companies that are of your interest. Advertisements for board members will help you be more aware of the vacant seats.
  6. Create your own profile based on the skills that you have and the things you can do as a board member of an organization.
  7. Start applying for the board member jobs in Kenya, more so for the vacant board positions. 

I hope you are now able to make your dream come true by following these steps.

You may also desire to work with a non-governmental organization (NGO). There are various NGO board member vacancies that you can apply for and secure a high-paying job.


The Institute of Directors Kenya represents Kenya’s board members and directors to advocate for their interests. Becoming one of the board members will do you more good in achieving financial freedom easily.

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