How to Become a Brand Ambassador in Kenya Easily

Brand Ambassadors play critical roles in communicating a company’s products, messaging and image to the general public. Every company requires a brand ambassador to raise awareness about their products and thus attract more customers.

Furthermore, it is one of the most marketable jobs in Kenya due to the upcoming industries creating a higher demand for this career.

We have various types of ambassadors in different fields such as Safaricom brand ambassador, teen brand ambassador and student brand ambassador, among others.

Process of Becoming a Brand Ambassador in Kenya

Do you want to become a brand ambassador in Kenya? Here are some of the steps that will help you to become one:

  1. Thorough research on compatible brands that will work well for you. Get to the brands that represent your interest in order to be more productive.
  2. Create engagements by having a social media platform where you post engaging activities and attaining numerous likes and followers. This advertises you as a whole.
  3. Build a friendly online personality. Based on your interest, take photos and videos and post them online. Besides, you can as well write outgoing stuff on your online page.
  4. Engaging the audience by inviting followers to your page where they can share their interest, lifestyle, among others.
  5. Contact companies looking for brand ambassadors more so of your interest after creating a good environment in your social media and online websites.
  6. You will be appointed for an interview and if you pass the test you will be hired as a brand ambassador.

These steps will help you in becoming a brand ambassador in Kenya.

Brand Ambassador Jobs in Nairobi

Here are some of the places where you can you can find a job as a brand ambassador:

  1. Palscity County Ambassadors at Oracom Web solution Limited.
  2. Brand Ambassador at kazi mtaani Nairobi.
  3. Brand Ambassador at Sokowatch.
  4. Sales and Brand Ambassador at Savannah brands.
  5. Brand Ambassadors at Alpha stars.

Apply for these jobs today and secure a high paying permanent job in Kenya. There is also Nivea promotion jobs Kenya which is also a good venture.

You may be interested in knowing fashion ambassador jobs in Kenya which include:

  1. Quality Control Officer in Owens and Xley.
  2. Retails Sales manager ( Luxury Fashion Brand).
  3. Product brand manager at Sheer Logic.


Because of the important roles they play in raising awareness of company’s products, brand ambassadors in Kenya have done a lot of good for these businesses. Furthermore, it is a well-paying job in Kenya, as many people wish to secure large sum of money. Today is the day to become a brand ambassador in Kenya.

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