How to Become a Cement Distributor in Kenya Effortlessly

Cement is one of the major building materials on any permanent building site. Cement is widely used in the modern world, unlike in the pre-industrial era when people used other materials such as wood, iron sheets, mud, among others.

Furthermore, there are several upcoming infrastructure projects in Kenya today, leading to a high demand for cement, making the cement business a superb venture.

Do you want to know how to become a cement distributor in Kenya? Well, if that’s the case, then you have come to the right site. I’ll walk you through the process of becoming a cement distributor in Kenya.

8 Steps to Become a Cement Distributor in Kenya

Here is the procedure on how you can become a cement distributor in Kenya today:

  1. Have a strategic cement business plan that will act as your compass in giving you directions. Your plan should have a capital, running expense, etc.
  2. Conduct thorough market research in order to identify your competitors and also know your immediate customers.
  3. Identify an ideal location where you will put up your cement warehouse. Location matters as it determines the number of customers at your door.
  4. Have reliable transportation. As a cement distributor, you need to have reliable transport means to avoid the inconveniences of time delays, among others.
  5. Get yourself a reliable cement supplier that is well known for its high quality cement so you can have more customers.
  6. Register your business with the local authorities and pay for the license that will authorize you to distribute cement in the country at large.
  7. Open a bank account for your business. It is best when your money is safe. Besides, having cash in your house is never safe, thus ensuring you put money in a bank account.
  8. Market your business mainly through advertisements to ensure a larger population becomes aware of your cement business.

This is how you become a successful cement distributor in Kenya.

Cement Distributing Companies in Kenya

There are several cement distributing companies in Kenya, including: 

  1. Bamburi cement distributors.
  2. Savannah cement.
  3. Lees Cement distributors and suppliers.
  4. Mombasa Cement distributors.

Bamburi Cement Contacts

Bamburi cement distributors are found all over the country. You can emulate their example. 

Contact the below numbers:

  • 02 02893000
  • +254 722 202111

Mombasa Cement Contacts

You can as well become a Mombasa cement distributor. 

Below are their contacts:

  • 0722204848
  • 0733615465


Cement business is a type of business that anyone can do as it has no educational qualifications. Ensure you follow the right procedure to avoid hassles that may cost you a lot of cash. Follow the steps discussed on how to become a cement distributor in Kenya and you’ll be good to go.

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