Cost Of A Lorry Of Building Stones In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Cost Of A Lorry Of Building Stones In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Do you want to buy a lorry of building stones yet you are clueless about its prices? This article is meant for you as it will be an eye opener for you due to the information that I will give you that will guide you through.

Well, building stones are one of the major materials needed in a construction site. Building stones are majorly used in the construction of walls. They form strong walls that do not easily collapse.

Needless to say, it is very important to have an effective financial plan that will act as your compass in the purchase and use of building stones at the construction site. For this reason, I will answer your question on the price of building stones in Kenya in this article.

Cost of a lorry of building stones in Kenya ranges from Ksh.25,000 to Ksh. 30,000. The price depends on the type of building stones which includes machine cut building stones and manual cut building stones. Machine cut building stones fetch a relatively higher price per lorry.

Quarry and Machine Cut Stones

You may also be interested in knowing quarry stones prices in Kenya which costs Ksh. 15 to Ksh. 25 per building stone. This cost is quite cheap hence affordable.

Perhaps you may also wish to be informed about machine cut stones prices in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 25 to Ksh.40 depending on the size of the stone.

Machine cut stones in Eldoret are found in many places such as:

  • Adriels stone and furniture work.
  • Eldoret Mazeras and stones.
  • Eldoret Quarry Limited.
  • Machine cut building materials limited.

Apart from Eldoret, there are other places in the country such as Nakuru where you can get machine cut stones at affordable prices. Machine cut stones in Nakuru prices ranges from Ksh. 20 to Ksh. 40 per stone based on the size of the stone.


I hope this article has been able to provide you with the basic information that you needed before buying a lorry of building stones in Kenya. Besides, you have been able to realize the importance of building stones in the construction of your buildings.

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