How to Become a Medical Doctor in Kenya Right Now

A person’s health is always a top priority. This is made possible by the presence of medical doctors in the country who have specialized in diagnosing, assessing and treating patients with various conditions.

Many people are able to survive various conditions thanks to modern medicine, whereas in the pre-industrial era, people died due to a lack of proper medication. 

Becoming a medical doctor in Kenya is a dream shared by many young children, but one that is not always realized due to a lack of important guidance.

Do you want to work as a doctor in Kenya? So, let me walk you through a step-by-step process of how to become a medical doctor in Kenya.

Guidelines on How to Become a Medical Doctor

Here are the steps to follow in order to become a medical doctor in Kenya:

  1. Attain a minimum mean grade of B+ in the KCSE with a minimum grade of B in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English. This is the KCSE grade required to study medicine in Kenya.
  2. Apply for a medical course in the KUCCPs portal at the institution of your choice.
  3. Attain a bachelor’s degree in the medical course.
  4. After graduating, you are required to participate in residential doctor training for one year in a private or public hospital.
  5. Apply for your license. A license in your field will give you authorization to treat patients in a hospital or a clinic.
  6. Join the Kenya Medical Association, which will help you form a network connection, thus enabling you to easily get a job. 

This is how to become a doctor in Kenya without any complications.

Requirements to Become a Doctor in Kenya

  1. A minimum grade of B+ in the KCSE.
  2. You should have a minimum grade of B+ in mathematics, science and languages.

These are the requirements to study for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at JKUAT. Aside from JKUAT, these are the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery UON requirements.

You may not always achieve the average grade for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a medical course. A diploma in medical and surgery in Kenya is also a viable option, as you can progress until you obtain a PhD.

Universities Offering Medicine & Surgery Degrees

Needless to say, it is important to know the universities offering bachelor of medicine and surgery degrees in Kenya, which are:

  1. Moi University, Eldoret.
  2. University of Nairobi.
  3. Kenyatta University.
  4. Kenya Methodist University.
  5. Egerton University.

Marketable medicine courses in Kenya are offered by these universities.

Can a pharmacist become a doctor in Kenya? Yes, a pharmacist can become a doctor in Kenya since they have also attended a medical training course.


Medical doctors in Kenya are highly appreciated for the good work they have done in restoring good health to citizens. If you aspire to become a medical doctor in Kenya, then nothing should stop you from achieving your dream. Good luck!

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