Medical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Medical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Payment

Medical engineering is the process of inspecting medical equipment to ensure that it is in good functioning order and that it is safe to use. In order to provide healthcare services, hospitals are increasingly relying on a wide range of medical equipment.

Also, Medical engineering combines engineering skills with medical knowledge and understanding of how the human body works in various stages. Thus, this engineering is concerned with improving healthcare.

What is the current salary of a medical engineer? The current medical engineering salary range in Kenya starts from Ksh.43,000 to as high as Ksh. 200,000 per month inclusive of all monthly allowances.

Certificate In Medical Engineering Salary In Kenya

Certificate holders in Medical Engineering are also employed and they earn an average of Ksh.45,000 per month including all allowances.

Diploma In Medical Engineering Salary In Kenya

Diploma in Medical Engineering can be pursued in any medical institutions.

Are you looking for how much does a diploma in Medical Engineering earn in Kenya? Diploma holders in Medical Engineering earn an average of Ksh 78,000 per month inclusive of all the benefits such as housing allowances.

Biomedical Engineering Salary in Kenya

Biomedical engineering majors on the principles and problem solving techniques of engineering in biology and medicine in order to improve human health at all levels.

Biomedical Engineering salary per month is Ksh.123,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Marketability Of Medical Engineering In Kenya

Is medical engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes, medical engineering is aa highly marketable course in Kenya due to availability of various job opportunities making medical engineering services be on demand.

Medical Engineering Jobs in Kenya

Whether you are looking for certificate in medical engineering jobs, or biomedical engineering jobs here is a list of medical engineering jobs vacancies you can try send an application.

1. Technician (Medical Engineering) at Kirinyaga University.

2. Medical Engineering at Mission For Essential Drugs and Supplies.

3. Tutorial Fellow department of medical engineering at Kirinyaga University.

4. Biomedical Engineer at Karen Hospital.

5. Head of Biomedical at Karen Hospital.

6. Biomedical Engineer at Farmed Healthcare Limited.

7. Lab Specialist -Biomedical Engineering

8. Assistant Engineer-Biomedical at The Nairobi Hospital.

9. Biomedical Technologist at The Nairobi Hospital.

Apply for the jobs as early as now to secure yourself a nice job.


To sum up, Medical Engineering is a promising career that has a great future since it is a high paying globe. Also, these career is marketable due to the demand of medical engineering services in various medical facilities.

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