How to Become KRA Agent | Online Application Guidelines

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is among the biggest companies in Kenya with the mandate of assessing total tax revenues collected in every part of the country. Being the biggest company, it requires KRA agents to offer a hand in ensuring the preparation and filling of the tax returns, which ensure taxes are not evaded.

Perhaps you want to become a KRA agent, but you are stuck on the way forward. Continue reading as this article contain all the information on how you can become a KRA agent.

Guidelines on How to Become KRA Agent

This is the procedure on how to become a KRA agent through online application:

  1. Access the KRA portal by logging in.
  2. Once you have logged into the itax portal, click on “Apply” to become a KRA agent.
  3. Fill in the KRA tax agent application form by keying in these details: (full applicants’ name, national identity card number, and KRA pin number)
  4. Download the form and ensure you sign it.
  5. Attach your KRA pin certificate and your tax compliance certificate.
  6. Scan the documents.
  7. Upload the documents to the eCitizen portal.
  8. Wait for your appraisal to be processed.
  9. You will receive a notification via your email showing you the progress.
  10. Once your appraisal is approved, you will apply for a KRA agent license, which will give you authorization.

This is how to become a KRA agent in Kenya by applying online from the comfort of your home.

List of Tax Agents in Kenya

This is a list showing some of the legally registered tax agents in Kenya:

  1. Muiruri Jeff and associates-office located at the Embassy House Annex.
  2. Andrew Mwendwa (Inc. limited) – office located at Madona House, Westlands.
  3. Muiruri Nganga (tax consultants) -office located at Haile Selassie.

These are some of the legally registered tax agents in Kenya.


An itax agent plays an important role in ensuring tax revenue is not evaded in the country. Since tax revenue boosts the Kenyan economy, it is very important for KRA to ensure the country is in the right financial position. 

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