How To Buy JTL Bundles Via Mpesa | Easily Now

How To Buy JTL Bundles Via Mpesa | Easily Now

Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) is a telecommunication operator in Kenya that is under unified licensed framework by the Communication  Commission of Kenya.

Perhaps you have been stranded on how to buy JTL Bundles without necessarily having to go to the shop to buy a scratch card. Worriless because I got you covered.

Besides, you may also desire to know how to buy Jamii Telecom bundles at the comfort of your home. You are in the right place and I shall show you the procedure.

Buying JTL Bundles Via Mpesa

Let’s get started on the procedure of how to buy JTL bundles via Mpesa the easiest way:

Step 1: Go to the Mpesa menu in your mobile phone.

Step 2: Tap the Paybill Option.

Step 3: Enter 330330 as your business number for a fixed internet.

Step 4: Enter your account number as JTL followed by your Faiba account number without leaving any spaces.

Step 5: Enter the amount of money that you want.

Step 6: Enter your Mpesa pin and press ok on your mobile phone so as to send the message.

An automatic message will be sent that you have successfully purchased the JTL Bundles via Mpesa.

I hope you have benefited from the procedure that I have given to you.

Buy Jamii Telecom Bundles Using App or USSD

You may also want to know how to buy Jamii Telecom Bundles in your mobile phone. There are two processes that I am going to show you:

Process 1: Go to your Google Play store and download the Faiba App and install it. Follow the simple instructions in the app to purchase Jamii Telecom Bundles.

Process 2: Dial *111#, select 1. Decide whether you will buy a daily, weekly or monthly bundle. Buy.

These are the easiest steps that will help you in purchase of Jamii Telecom Bundles.


JTL Selfcare gives you an opportunity to explore the available Faiba products. Here is the link that you can use for JTL Selfcare.

JTL Customer Care

In case of any difficulties in accessing JTL products, you can contact customer care.

JTL Customer Care number is 0747585100.

You can also visit Faiba Shop- Jamii Towers Upperhill found in Nairobi and you will be fully satisfied with JTL Customer care services.

My JTL Account

You can manage your JTL Account by Signing Up in case you don’t have the account yet.

Sign In when you already have an account with JTL Faiba.

Incase you forget your password, it is still easy to access by pressing the word forgot password.


Jamii Telecommunications Limited has made life easy and smooth since you can access their services at the comfort of your seat. Besides, services offered by JTL are cheap thus affordable by the majority.

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