How To Buy On Amazon From Kenya | Easily Right Now

How To Buy On Amazon From Kenya | Easily Right Now

Back then on July 5th 1994 Bezos started a company which he named Cadabra, inc. later on, that is after a few months, he changed the name from Cadabra to

Amazon is among the best leading online shops all over the world. Amazon is well known for selling variety of things that is from toys to stuff costing millions.

Worldwide there are millions of people who are using Amazon as a source of their products.

Since Amazon is a worldwide company, it has stores in different parts of the country. There are also some online stores that ship to Kenya.

I am sure the main thing that brings you here is to know how to buy on Amazon from Kenya. Here is the procedures on how to buy on Amazon;

Step 1: Visit Amazon site and select the items you need to purchase

Step 2: Copy all the Amazon links of the items you want to purchase

Step 3: Send an E mail to kentex cargo (

Step 4: Review and accept

Step 5: Pay for the goods you have purchased

Step 6: You will receive a purchase  confirmation with an Amazon receipt attached.

Kentex cargo will deliver to your goods to you in Kenya and if you wish for a doorstep delivery it can be done.

However, if you have your preferred shipping company you can use the shipping address.

Kentex has been recommended in this article because it completes the details for shipping for you. So, you only make payments.

For more details, this is Kentex cargo customer care number 0709 443 000

Amazon Warehouse In Kenya

Amazon Kenya online shopping has helped many Kenyans to acquire goods  of high quality.

The advantage with Amazon is that shipping is done and safety is guaranteed .

You may want to know where is Amazon located in Kenya. Well, Amazon Kenya location is not there since Amazon does not have a physical presence in Kenya but shipping can be done and one can access their goods.

Shipping Companies In Kenya From Amazon

Shipping companies in Kenya from Amazon include

1. KenTex cargo, Phone: 0709 443 000

2. StatesDuka, Phone: 0722 209 948

3. Zigofly, Phone: 0780 457 457

Amazon Kenya Shipping Cost

On average, the shipping companies in Kenya charges you an average of Ksh 1000 per Kg depending on where the goods is coming from.

For example, if you are to use Zigofly, the following charges inclusive of taxes apply:

For goods from UK to Kenya the following apply with Zigofly:

  • Euros 10 per Kg
  • 1 to 2 weeks for delivery
  • No minimum weight
  • Custom fee Euros 35
  • Minimum charge Euros 15

For goods from United States to Kenya the following apply with Zigofly:

  • Euros 20 per Kg
  • 3 to 4 weeks for delivery
  • No minimum weight
  • No custom fee
  • Minimum charge $10

Amazon UK to Kenya

Amazon UK to Kenya goods can be transported by cargos. Through this, goods from the UK can reach into Kenya safely.

Amazon Prime Kenya

Amazon Kenya electronics are the best. Amazon sells a variety of electronics such as Televisions, woofers, iron boxes, chandeliers among others.

Amazon prime Kenya is available on smart TVs, and Amazon devices. In addition, there is also Amazon Kenya app where users can review the products they want.


It is simple to shop and ship to Kenya from Amazon. The only thing you need is the cash for the goods and the shipping fee.

Let me hope that all answers were provided according to your questions.

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