How To Buy On Jiji Easily For Legit Products Now

How To Buy On Jiji Easily For Legit Products Now

Currently, among the biggest online shops, Jiji is among them. Jiji is a platform that gives it’s  users an opportunity to showcase their goods for selling.

Also different users are able to buy goods of their preferences from Jiji.

Jiji Kenya is gaining more popularity among Kenyans. Jiji has created a good platform for both sellers and buyers.

Most sellers are able to get clients quickly because the platform is well known.

Jiji is a legitimate company that offers quality services. I know what brings you here is that you want to know how to buy on Jiji.

By the end of this article whatever you will be able to understand it all.

This Is How To Buy Things On Jiji

Here is a simple procedure on how to buy things on Jiji;

Step 1: Choose the product you like

Step 2: Check the information of the product you would like to purchase

Step 3: You can either call the buyer or send a text message concerning the product

Step 4: You can then leave the feedback to the buyer

The procedure shows how to buy something on Jiji.

This Is How To Buy Phone On Jiji

The question on how to buy phone on Jiji is a question with the simplest answer. Jiji Kenyan phones can be bought through the following procedures;

1. Visit the Jiji portal or use Jiji app.

2. Click phone and tablets

3. Check on the information of the phone

4. Call or message the seller

5. Pick your product

How to buy goods on Jiji is very simple. All you need is the product of your choice and enough cash for the service.

This Is How To Buy Cars On Jiji

Step 1: Go to Jiji app

Step 2: Click the vehicles icon

Step 3: Search for the vehicle of your choice

Step 4: Check on the information about it

Step 5: Make some communications with the seller

Jiji Kenya cars are of good quality. You can find both brand new cars or used cars depending on your preferences.

I believe you have learnt how to buy products from Jiji.

This Is How To Pay On Jiji

How to pay on Jiji is simple. You can choose a payment method such as bank transfer, e wallet, or via card. Jiji assures you that the payment you would have made is safe.

Jiji Paybill Numbers

Currently, the platform has not placed a paybill number. However, you can equire more by contacting Jiji Customer Care Email

Jiji Rules

As usual there are always rules that govern things. This also applies to Jiji. Below are some Jiji rules that apply in Kenya;

All products must be located in Kenya

Every adverts must contain a clear description

Every adverts must contain images

All items must be legally permitted

Let me hope this article was of great importance to you. And that all the questions you asked for had an answer.

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