How to Check Commission on Mpesa Agent Line 

With each deposit and withdrawal of money from the Mpesa agent, commission is earned. To earn more commission and so generate more money, you must have a large number of customers.

Perhaps you are an Mpesa agent but you are not sure how to check your Mpesa commission. Worry less because I’m going to help you out.

Here is the guide on how to check commission on Mpesa agent line:

  1. Go to your Safaricom App.
  2. Click “show my commission balance”.
  3. Key in your Mpesa pin.
  4. Wait for the SMS confirmation message showing your commission.

This is how you check your commission on your Mpesa Agent line.

The Mpesa agent commission table has a commission value that ranges from Ksh. 4 to Ksh. 200 depending on the amount being transacted. Mpesa super agent commission has recently been raised, making Mpesa agents earn a stream of cash.

How to Withdraw Mpesa Agent Commission

You may also wish to know how to withdraw Mpesa agent commission:

  1. Ensure your Mpesa agent has enough float.
  2. Go to your Safaricom app.
  3. Click on “Withdraw commissions.”
  4. Enter the agent’s number.
  5. Dial your Mpesa pin.
  6. An automatic message will be sent to you showing your withdrawal.

This is how you withdraw your commissions from your Mpesa agent line.

Are you wondering when the Mpesa commission will be paid? The Mpesa commission does not have a specific payment day. As long as your commission is eligible for withdrawals, you can access your commission anytime.

Final Analysis

In brief, Mpesa agents are able to earn more money in this business, enabling them to become financially free. Besides, the commission of Mpesa agents has been raised to a higher amount. I believe you are now able to withdraw your Mpesa commission without difficulties.

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