How to Become Mpesa Agent in Kenya | Requirements

Mpesa can be found in almost every local residential area, assisting individuals with money transactions and cash deposits. Mpesa has made Kenyans’ lives easier and more convenient. Mpesa agents are in high demand since, unlike banks, the majority of people can use them.

Are you interested in learning how to become a Mpesa agent? Then you’re in luck since this article belongs to you. I’m going to walk you through every step of the process.

Let us get started on how to become an Mpesa agent in Kenya:

  1. Fill in the Mpesa Agent store application form.
  2. Submit  the Kenya Police Certificate of good conduct.
  3. Apply for Extra till.
  4. Fill in the agent additional store application form.
  5. Have a duly filled management till application form.
  6. Submit all these documents to the Safaricom house near you.
  7. Pay the required registration fees.
  8. Obtain your Mpesa agent license.
  9. Get trained on how to offer Mpesa services to clients.

These are some of the steps to becoming an Mpesa agent in Kenya.

Mpesa Agent Requirements

Here are the requirements needed in order to become an Mpesa agent in Kenya.

  1. Have a registered limited company with at least 3 outlets ready to offer Mpesa services.
  2. Your business should have been active for the last 6 months.
  3. Provide a certificate of incorporation.
  4. Submit certified documents to the commissioner of oaths.
  5. Minimum float of Ksh. 30,000 in your Mpesa.
  6. Documents such as National Identity Card.
  7. Certificate of good conduct.
  8. Business name.

Mpesa Agent Commission

Are you curious to know the Mpesa agent commission? Mpesa agent commission ranges from as low as Ksh. 4 to Ksh. 200 per transaction, depending on the amount of cash to be transacted.

Cost of Mpesa Line

Are you curious about how much the Mpesa line costs? Mpesa line is Ksh. 15,000. This line is used as a till number for your Mpesa services.

Mpesa Agent Fraudsters

Mpesa agent fraudsters pretend to work with Safaricom, hence stealing from Mpesa. You should always be alert to avoid being conned. Report any suspected fraudster to the legal authorities. Once they are caught, they are brought to court and ordered to pay a heavy fine.


Being an Mpesa agent is a lucrative venture as you can earn a stream of cash through commissions. Ensure you maintain your float to avoid losing customers. Also, be careful with your business to avoid Mpesa fraudsters.

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