How To Get Capital To Start A Business In Kenya Right Now

How To Get Capital To Start A Business In Kenya Right Now

Capital is one of the major factor of production that is required to start a business. There are various sources of small business funding in Kenya that helps the local citizens to establish their own business without capital difficulties.

Have you ever wondered where can I get capital to start a business in Kenya? This article is meant for because I got you covered.

These are the possible ways on how to get capital to start a business in Kenya, simply take advantage of:

1. Micro loans.

2. Crowd funding.

3. Venture capitalists.

4. Angel investors.

6. Personal Financing.

7. Family and friends loans.

8. Vendor Financing.

9. Government loans to start business in Kenya.

10. Business sponsorship in Kenya.

11. Bank loans.

12. Grants for entrepreneurs in Kenya.

I hope you have gotten how to get funding for a business idea in Kenya.

Grants For Entrepreneurs In Kenya

Grants are sources of capital given to entrepreneurs to cater for their companies, salaries, ads among others. The list of Grants for Entrepreneurs in Kenya include:

1.Miss Africa Seed Grants for African Women in Tech businesses.

2.Ashden International Awards For Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries.

3.African Entrepreneurship Award.

4.Unilever Young Entrepreneurship Award.

5.Seedstars World.

These sources are most trusted in giving grants to entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Start Up Funding For Local Mwananchi

Start up business loans in Kenya can be acquired from these sources in Kenya. Application of the start up loan is very simple.

Besides, you may also desire to know Kenya start up funding for a local mwanainchi which include:

1. Africa’s Talking.

2. M-Kopa.

3. AZA Finance.

4. Copia Global.

5. Twiga Foods.

6. Pay Go Energy.

7. Lendable.

8. Kibanda Top up.

9. Market Force 360.


There are various sources in Kenya where one can get capital to start and also run a business. There are sources for running big businesses such as companies and also small businesses for the locals all being catered for in Kenya. Get your capital from any source that you want and venture into business world as business makes a dream come true.

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