How To Start A Company In Kenya Easily & Legally Now

How To Start A Company In Kenya Easily & Legally Now

A company is a legal entity whose members have the same purpose of its formation and desire to achieve the same goals. There are two types of companies in Kenya which are limited company and unlimited company.

Formation and registration of companies in Kenya is made legal through eCitizen company registration process where a company will later be acknowledged by the government.

ECitizen has really made online company registration in Kenya very simple and direct thus minimizing time wastage.

Let us get started on how to start a company in Kenya:

Step 1: Open an eCitizen account in order to access government services.

Step 2: Provide your different unique sets of names that you would wish to name your company.

Step 3: Apply for the registration process by filling in the forms given in the eCitizen portal.

Step 4: Pay for the registration as prescribed by the eCitizen portal.

Step 5: Apply for a company PIN.

Step 6: Get the certified business permit.

Step 7: Obtain National Hospital Insurance Fund that will cater for the health of your employees.

Step 8 : Market your company in order to get customers.

These details will help you when doing online company registration in Kenya.

I hope you have seen how to register a company in Kenya eCitizen without complications. I wish you the best in your company registration.

Must Have Company Registration Requirements

You may be interested in knowing company registration requirements in Kenya which mainly include:

1.Proposed company names.

2.Contact information of the shareholders and directors.

3.Main objectives of your company.

4.Number of shares available for the shareholders.

6.Email address of the company.

7.Contact information of the company such as postal address.


Company registration was more complicated in the past unlike today where one can do online company registration at the comfort of your seat through eCitizen portal. Register your company today without worrying about complications by the Kenyan government.

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