How To Make Money As A Student In Kenya Easily Right Now

How To Make Money As A Student In Kenya Easily Right Now

I am going to show you new way of how to make money online in Kenya that no one is willing to disclose until now.

Besides, if you are not always online and desire to do side hustles, I also have something special for you, stay tuned to the end.

The article is lengthy since its legit NEW IDEAS few people know about it. These ideas can be a life changing to transform you to being rich as a student and be able to pay your bills and is worth every second of your reading time. Stick to the end.

The following as some of the side hustle for university students in Kenya that clearly shows you easy ways of making money either online or offline.

These are the three-step procedure on how to make money as a student in Kenya include:

Step 1: Market Research

Analyze the market gap. The need for each population is different from the other. Besides, you may want to start a business yet all other competitors have already established. So, identify a need that is untapped in your area that gap is the business you will start to fill that need.

Be sure to analyze your competitors so you find an area of weakness or untapped to be at a better stand point as an entrepreneur.

Step 2: Identify Your Target Population

Now you have seen the gap, whom do you want to sell your items or offer services? For instance, if you have settled on water business you have a wide market including all genders, non-teaching staff, and lecturers.

If its jewelry and cosmetics your population is females, if its kinyozi major population is males but you will also have few females. I hope you get the idea.

Step 3: Establish The Source Of Your Products

Now that you know what is missing and find the product you want to sell or services you want offer, find where to get raw materials or products in wholesale. Be sure to know the retail prices of the product you want to sell so you get the cheapest supplier.

To be safe, be sure to have at least three suppliers of the same commodity you want to sell such that you are always in business in case one supplier runs out of stock.

Another key thing is that account for transport cost you used to source your products in the final price analysis so you get the right expenses and profit or loss calculations. Most start up entrepreneurs often underestimate transport cost and end up making loses in the long run.

Step 4: Business Location And Equipment

Now that you know your product, and where to get the items the next question is do you need a shop, or you can do door to door, or you need extra equipment.

For instance, if for example you have chosen to sell ice-cream you need a freezer, and electricity. If you will cook you need a kitchen and food packages. If its selling clothes, you can hawk or choose some place to hang them. If it’s a kinyozi you need power. If its printing and photocopy you need a shop.

Keep in mind that any business you will get a room you will have to pay for permits and shop rent. If you have limited capital think of businesses that do not need a shop.

Step 5. Source For Products And Start Selling

Now you have your target population, get the product or start offering your services such as kinyozi. Market yourself by going in classes before lectures, sharing bronchures word of mouth, social media, students whatsapp groups.

A to succeed faster is find the class reps for all the courses if possible. Strike a deal to offer them free or a subsidized service if he or she could share your business to their whatsapp group. Or you give the class rep a commission of certain cash for each student from their class being referred to you.

Be smart in prices not to make loses and still be within affordable market price. Sell your products, restock, and continue marketing. Good luck. For specific ideas on what to sell or services to offer, keep reading.

Online Side Hustles For Students In Kenya

Just after this, I will show you offline methods where you do not need internet connectivity but still learn how to make money as a student in Kenya.

Now, I am going to share with you key ideas and easy way on how to make money online as a student in Kenya.

The following are ideas to make money in Kenya online. These side hustle for university students in Kenya require internet connectivity and access to a smartphone and or a laptop.

1. Dropshipping/eCommerce

eCommerce refers to the online sale and purchase of products and services. The business is growing, and dropshipping is the simplest method to get started. Dropshipping means you do not have the product but know someone who has the product and someone who needs the product.

So, you buy the product at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price to your customer. Dropshipping can be done both at the local level and at the international level.

At local level, you can use your social media presence and market a product. Once you get a buyer, you buy then resale yourself. I have done dropshipping with Jumia as well as just act a broker and offer source good products.

At international, the most easy site to get started with is Ebay. You first research and find the best products to list on ebay and a much higher price that your source. Some of the source I get product from is from Walmart store its quite cheaper than Amazon, or both.

Once your client places an order, you go to Walmart lets say this is where you got your item, then buy the product and be sure to put in the address of your seller. This way, the seller will get the item shipped from Walmart to that person without you even touching the product.

You keep the extra commission and that’s it. If you can find fast selling items you will be good to go. Main challenge with dropshipping is returns. If you get returns this can cost you a lot since you are just a middlemen.

So be sure to get high quality products. You also need a starting capital to act a middle men and do a resale.

If you have your own products good, create an online store or use your social media group then sell. Besides, dropshipping is another way to make on how to make money without capital when you strike a deal with a local vendor so you market the product and once sold you get you commission.

2. Truck Dispatcher

You see this lorries that carry goods and deliver somewhere, yes being the person who controls those trucks is the work of a truck dispatcher.

Interesting thing about truck dispatcher is that it is more profitable to be a truck dispatcher for USA while you are in Kenya. It is because, their truck dispatcher system is purely online.

All you need to do to get started is do some research about USA truck dispatcher, get drivers in USA, prepare paper work for deliveries, deliver cargo. Good thing about truck dispatcher is that clients will look for you.

Main disadvantage about this job is that you have to work at night since that time is USA daytime. If you can manage this job as a student, go for it.

3. Selling Ebooks

Ebooks business is one of the greatest way on how to make money online in Kenya through Mpesa. Mostly, a deal is complete when a buyer sends agreed amount to Mpesa and the seller shares the ebook through whatsapp, email, or Facebook as agreed.

There are so many types of ebooks you can sell to Kenyans or even at international level if you desire. For instance, there are recipe books, poultry guides, business guides, and so many types of ebooks,

Best place to get the books is from Facebook where you also meet like minded people. Then resale in social media and even across Facebook which has a vast market.

Ebook can cost Ksh 30 bob each or a bundle containing around 10 to 20 books can go for Ksh. 100 then you resale.

Also, you can write your own eBook and sell to people.  

4. Invisible Calling agent

Yes, this you know well like the way Safaricom or Airtel, or Equity Bank customer care just to mention a few, answers your calls. The customer care is invisible but very helpful. The job is USA based and hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping centers, and so many businesses require the presence of customer case.

You only need a strong internet connection, headphones, and a laptop to do this work. You are paid an average of Ksh. 50 per call and each call last a maximum of 5 minutes. As a starter, you get 50 calls and if you can handle more, you will get more calls.

The only disadvantage of this job is that you need at least 8 hrs a day. Also, works starts at 6 pm Kenya time all through the night. If you have enough free time, go for it.

5. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to make money but know that it is not an overnight get me rich quick. So, as a blogger you write articles and post in your website. Wait for google to rank you and attract customers. You can also share your content to your social media.

Then start earning from ads and affiliate marketing. Be sure to master SEO otherwise you will waste too much time as a starter.

Also, of you don’t want to blog for your own website, consider writing articles for other bloggers. This is one of the best way to earn money in the long run site websites need regular updating. Fiverr is a good site to start writing for clients.

Besides, academic writing is good but nowadays its quite flooded. However, it also pays well if you can find an employer with a good flow of jobs. Be sure to have back up since it has high season when schools are in session and low season meaning no to little work when schools are closed.

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6. Transcription

With transcription, you convert video into words. Its like you write what you hear and describe the environment then you get paid. Unfortunately buying a transcription account that is high paying such as REV can be an uphill task.

However, there are other platforms you can start small to do transcription and get paid.

7. App And Web Developer

If you have skills in developing web, customizing or debugging errors your skills can make you money both locally and at international levels. Besides, you can create a website then sale it for money. Similar to App development. Create app, sale.

Free sites you can start showcasing your skills is Fiver. There are ready clients even now waiting for your expertise.

Just as dropshipping described above, you can flip website, apps, and domain names and earn a commission. Popular site you can think of is, or

8. Digital Marketing

Nowadays, most businesses are taping the online sector but unfortunately most of them do not know how to get started.

If you can do digital marketing and you are skillful about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social medial marketing, email marketing, creating Ads, and influencer marketing stop sleeping on your skills.

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9. Create Videos

You could be comic or you know something that someone else needs it. It could be about tours, politics, following celebrities, cooking, etc, Share your knowledge by creating YouTube videos, attract a following and subscribers then earn money.

Please not that YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme. Be patient and keep creating good content, money will follow you not the other way round.

10. Start A Podcast

Just like YouTube, you can start a podcast and do live interviews as well as have your audience live if you desire. Share the content to your audience. With a strong following brands will come to you to market their products.

To succeed in podcast, find the best niche people are interested. Then for a start get someone popular to start a talk and help you podcast popular.

11. Online Tutor

Teach learners what you know. In Kenya, you can start with the site KenyaPlex where you get students including adults or parents but need help.

 Also, another easy way to tutor is apply for English tutor especially for Chinese or Asian people among other non English speaking nations pay a lot to get to learn English. You can also be doing assignments for money.

12. HELB Services

Master how to apply for HELB including subsequent loans. At a fee, find freshers and other students and apply for them. Its within minutes but am telling you most students do not understand how to get started.

Note that for all these online jobs, you need either a laptop and a phone or both.

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Ofline Side Hustles For Students In Kenya

The following side hustles do not require you to have internet, so you have no excuse as long as you know your skills better. This how to make money as a teenager in Kenya, a student, you have finished school, single mother, or whether you are a parent looking for extra income. Try this:

13. Sell Clothes And Accessories

There are so many things to sell to university students in Kenya. For instance, assuming gender is key for ladies you can sell them jewellry, perfumes, makeups (cosmetics), Ankara tops, scaffs, shoes, and water bottles. For men you can sell them shoes or men’s sandals.

If you can access Nairobi, you can access wholesaler at Eastleigh Garissa market for new clothes and shoes, Kamukunji for new shoes, Gikomba for Mtumba clothes and shoes.

For jewelry and other cometic products as well as hair and extensions source along Dubois road, Nairobi CBD. You will find a lot of shops most of whom are wholesalers. Also, for hair and its products specifically go to a building named Perida Centre just along Dubois road and you will be sorted.

14. Sell Food

Who doesn’t like good food? If you know how to cook some delicacies, cook and sell the food. Also, you can sell snacks and sweets, bananas, fruit smoothie, sausages and smokies, eggs etc.

Buy food from wholesale markets to make more profits. Pre order can save you a lot of wastes.

15. Sell Electronics

Sell electronics. Fast selling items include earphones, headphones, USB, phone charges, flash disks, memory card, screen protector, and iron boxes. Other items your clients will suggest. By the way, electronics is good since they do not go bad or have size issues such as shoes or clothes.  

You can source your electronics products along Luthuli Street in Nairobi. Specifically, source from Asians or Indian wholesalers if you are a first timer. Unless you are familiar with the Kenyan person you want to buy but first timers practice caution.  

For watches, go to Eastleigh the sellers have good watches for wholesale.

16. Photography

If you have some expertise or skill in photography, why not make your skill an income source. Buy a camera, take photos at a few. Edit your clients photos if you are good at doing photoshop and get paid.

Also, you can take photos of say nature, or events etc then sell as stock photos eg in Adobe stock, shutter stock, iStockphoto etc.

17. Walking Kinyozi

Yes. If you can be a barber, you have ready market in college. Buy a machine and market yourself. Do the hair cut as a home delivery or door to door services at a fair prices. This is an easy quick money especially if you are skilled.

You can do hair cuts, shaving beard, shaving the whole heard, or doing some works on dreadlocks.

18. Walking Saloon

Good at doing hair? Get your female friends or classmates as a start and plait their hair. Offer other services such as washing, and styling. If you can do dreadlocks or weaves then advance on it. You can do door to door services or have a specific place to meet.

19. Movies And Music

If you are good at movies or music, take that advantage and find what is trendy. Start a movie shop physically if you can or get client, they pay and you forward the movie or music.

20. Data Bundles

Popularly known as ‘bundles mwitu’, these are real bundles but offered at a cheaper prices. Find a reliable source and this you will get a ready market since any student with access to a smartphone needs a cheap data bundles.

21. Stationery

I remember back in college the shops were quite far from the classes. So, in case you forgot foolscaps for assignment the trip to the shop can mess you big. That said, get a strategic location near classes and sell books, foolscap, rulers etc

22. Selling Bottle Water

I know there are water taps across the school. However, not everyone drinks from the water tap including staff, lecturers and some students. So, you have a wider market for this. You can buy water at a wholesale, and then resale. If your college is located in a dry area like Kitui you have an added advantage.


I believe you have a better idea of how to make money as a student in Kenya. Find the gap and fill it. Market your business and be patient. More ideas will be shared as time goes by, be sure to come back later.

Please, remember you are a student and don’t forget to attend your lectures, do you assignments and above all pass your exam. You still need that certificate or diploma or degree.

Good Luck

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