How to Get Job in Kenya Now | Easy & Faster

Kenya is among the third world countries that is highly developing as a result of development of industries and companies. Kenya is well known for its affordable lifestyle. This helps in saving a lot of money that can be used in your investments.

Other than that, Kenya offers a wide range of job opportunities both white collar jobs, casual jobs and self employed jobs.

Are you stranded on how to get job in Kenya? Continue reading because I got you covered in this article.

7 Steps on How to Get a Job in Kenya

Below are some of the steps to follow in order to secure yourself a job in Kenya:

  1. Write a perfect Curriculum Vitae( CV).
  2. Search for jobs online and also in various offices manually.
  3. Send your applications to the employers who advertised current job vacancies.
  4. Thorough preparations for job interviews.
  5. You can take up volunteering roles or internships in companies.
  6. Minimize applying  in big companies and prioritize small companies.
  7. Sharpen your skills by doing other papers to create your skill demand.

Do not be stranded on how to get a job in Kenya after graduation as this is the simple way out on how to get a permanent job in Kenya without tarmacking too much.

You may also be interested in government jobs in Kenya that offer a variety of job vacancies in Kenya. One of the government jobs can be offered in the Kenya Revenue Authority( KRA). You can apply and secure a well paying job at KRA.

NGO Jobs in Kenya

You may also consider applying for Non Governmental Organization ( NGO) jobs in Kenya if you come across any vacancy. These types of jobs pay handsomely and come with very many added advantages.


Sometimes you may be asking yourself why is so hard to secure a job in Kenya. This is because the market is highly saturated with graduates from different universities and in turn the country in not creating enough opportunities for them. In order to secure a job in Kenya today, you will need to get your documents together and start applying for jobs in your field. Best of luck!

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