How To Get Loan From KCB Mpesa Easily & Faster Now

Loans are very important as sometimes you may lack sufficient funds for your business, education, housing, among others. Loans can also cater to emergencies, especially health emergencies, which are opted to be attended to with immediate effect.

KCB Mpesa gives you an opportunity to obtain loans at affordable interest. You can access your KCB Mpesa loan from as low as Ksh. 50 to Ksh.1,000,000

KCB Mpesa is highly appreciated as it gives you a maximum loan limit of Ksh.1,000,000 which is a good amount of cash.

Steps on How to Get Loan From KCB Mpesa

Let me show you how to get a loan from KCB Mpesa:

  1. Click on your Sim Toolkit app.
  2. Go to the Mpesa menu.
  3. Select loans and savings options.
  4. Click KCB Mpesa.
  5. Select loans.
  6. Request for a loan.
  7. Enter the amount of the loan that you want.
  8. Enter your Mpesa pin.
  9. Submit your loan application.
  10. Money will be deposited into your KCB Mpesa account.
  11. You can transfer the money to your Mpesa for easy accessibility.

This is the simple process of how to get KCB Mpesa soft loans. This loan is always to be paid within a period of one month at an 8.64% interest rate.

How to Check KCB Mpesa Loan Limit

Do you want to know how you can easily check your KCB Mpesa loan limit? Here is the procedure that you can follow:

  1. Go to your Mpesa menu.
  2. Select loans and savings options.
  3. Click on KCB Mpesa.
  4. Select the loan option.
  5. Select the check loan limit.
  6. An instant message will be sent to you showing your request.

As you have seen, it is very simple to request your KCB Mpesa loan limit.

How to Get KCB Mpesa Loan After Late Repayment

Sometimes you may not have the cash to pay your loan on time, leading to a late repayment. Maybe you’re now stuck on how to get a KCB Mpesa loan after late repayment. Don’t worry as you will be able to access the loan normally, although you have to wait for a certain period of time.

KCB Mpesa loan defaulters are given penalties such as CRBs.

Are you curious to know how to qualify for a KCB Mpesa loan? To qualify for a KCB loan, you must be 18 years of age or older and be an active member of Mpesa for at least 6 months.


KCB Mpesa is the best due to its compelling history of always lending out cash on time. In addition, there are no charges incurred when you transfer money from Mpesa to KCB. Besides, you can access it through any KCB branch. Lastly, always ensure you pay your loan on time to avoid a CRB listing.

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