How To Pay School Fees In KCB Bank Easily No Queuing

Pay School Fees In KCB Bank Easily No Queuing.

Are you trying to figure out how to pay school fees in KCB Bank the quickest way, I have a simple and complete guide just for you.

Skip the bank queues and pay a student fees at your comfort.

For the new academic year, schools have reopened around the country. Long lines are expected to form at banks as parents struggle to pay their children’s school fees on time, withdraw funds for books and clothes, or request for wage advances.

However, there are simpler ways for parents to avoid such hassles. For example, unlike past years, parents may pay all of their school tuition from the convenience of their mobile phones this academic year.

In any case, this is going to be a time-consuming and unpleasant process. At the same time, people are no longer need to queue at a bank or an ATM to withdraw money for shopping. This is because Visa Cards may now be used to pay for purchases.

Steps To Pay School Fees Via M-Pesa In KCB Bank

These are the simple step by step guide on how to pay school fees via Mpesa in KCB Bank using MPESA

1. Go to M-Pesa Menu

2. Select Paybill

3. Enter Business number 522123

4. Enter account number (school code – your school must be registered)

5. Enter Student Number

6. Enter Amount

6. Enter PIN

7. Press Ok to money

8. Wait for message confirmation in seconds.

KCB will send both the customer and school a message confirming payment.


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