How to Join Kenya Airforce Easily (Explained & Solved!)

The Kenya Airforce is responsible for defending and maintaining the country’s airspace. These soldiers have received extensive training centered on the specialized talents that they must possess in order to defend the country. 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to join the Kenya Airforce but aren’t sure where to begin. Don’t worry; this article has got you covered and will assist you in achieving your goals.

Guidelines on How to Join Kenya Airforce

Below is a guide on how to join the Kenya Airforce:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen with no dual citizenship.
  2. Provide a national identity card.
  3. Have a certificate of good conduct.
  4. Have a minimum age of 18 years.
  5. Have no criminal record.
  6. Be about 5 feet and 3 inches in height.
  7. Be physically and medically fit in accordance with the defense standards.
  8. Apply for the Kenya Airforce position online after Kenya Airforce recruitment has been announced to the general public.
  9. Go for Kenya Airforce Training to acquire the skills.

These are the steps to follow in order to be able to join the Kenya Airforce.

You may also wish to know Kenya Airforce’s monthly salary, which ranges from Ksh. 73,000 to Ksh. 500,000 depending on experience, rank, and other factors.

Kenya Airforce Allowances

Here are the Kenya Airforce monthly allowances:

  1. Basic Allowance for Housing.
  2. Basic Allowance for Subsistence
  3. Family separation allowance.
  4. Family subsistence supplemental allowance.
  5. Military clothing allowance.
  6. Dislocation allowance.

These are some of the allowances that Kenya Airforce members benefit from on a monthly basis.


The Kenya Airforce is the best venture when you have the passion and determination to defend the citizens. Besides, it is a high-paying job with many allowances that come with it. I hope you have gotten an idea on how you can easily join the Kenya Airforce today. If this has always been your passion, then go for it. Good luck!

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