Kenya Air Force Salary In Kenya | New Rank Salaries

Kenya Air Force Salary In Kenya | New Rank Salaries

The Kenya Air Force is the national aerial warfare service of the Kenya Republic. It is also part of the Kenya Defense Force. Its headquarters is in Nairobi.

These branch of KDF mainly use aircrafts in their missions. Kenya Air Force Motto is “we are firm in the sky.”

Kenya Air Force salary varies from one person to another depending on the education level and the area of operation. Kenya Air Force salary per month of a flying officer is Ksh. 73,200. Leading Aircraftman in the Kenyan Air Force receives Ksh. 30,000 monthly. Salary of a corporal in the Kenya Air Force is Ksh. 32,000.

These are basic salaries thus without allowances being included. These figures answer the question how much does a Kenyan Air Force earn in every month that is frequently asked by people in the internet.

Kenya Air Force Training

Defence Forces Training College has adequate training facilities and competent staff who train people who would wish to join Kenya Air Force.

It has managed to produce dependable manpower for the Kenya Defence Forces.

Kenya Air Force training takes a duration of eleven months.

Officers must be undergraduate degree holders from a recognized institution in order to apply for training in this college.

Kenya Air Force Recruitment

After training, the Kenya Air Force recruitment takes place.

This operation takes place in a year and it is generally announced to the public by the president.

For one to be recruited as a Kenyan Air Force, he /she must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Be a Kenyan citizen with no dual citizenship

2. Must have a Kenyan National Identity card

3. Age brackets of 18 years to 26 years’ old

4. Be physically and medically fit

5. Have no criminal record

In case of bribery, one is disqualified and severely punished by serving a long term imprisonment in jail.

Kenya Air Force Allowances

Kenya Air Force receive more allowances due to the high risks that they are always involved in.

Some of the allowances include:

a. Basic House allowance

b. Family Separation Allowance

c. Military clothing Allowance

d. Medical allowance

e. Hardship allowance

The amount of allowances varies depending on the education level, years of experience, job ranks, among other factors.


Kenya Air Force are always available during any emergency as they mainly manoeuvre using aircrafts that are well armed. They are always passionate about the country’s peace by protecting the Kenyan boarders.

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