Kenya Army Salary In Kenya Per Month With Allowances

Kenya Army Salary In Kenya Per Month With Allowances

Kenya Army is one of the Kenya Defense forces which is always armed with various weapons. The Kenya Army are always in a mission of defense and protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kenya.

Kenya Army salary has been increased recently due to the good job done by the soldiers in this category. AL Shabab attack in Kenya has been taken care of by the Kenya Army.

Some of these soldiers protect the country from within while others are taken outside the country especially in the enemies’ territory such as Somalia where Al Shabaabs mainly plan their attack from.

Many people have been curious to know how much is a Kenyan Army paid per month. Kenya Army Salary per month ranges from as low as Ksh. 100,989 per month to as high as Ksh. 980,000 per month depending on the hierarchy and the experience of a person.

Kenya Army Recruitment

The Kenya Army recruitment is always done once a year. There are specific dates and centres   where recruitment is done. This information is always announced to the public by the President as he is the Commander in Chief in the Kenya Defence Force.

Kenya Army Uniform

Uniforms are worn by the Kenya Army to signify uniformity in defending and protecting the country’s territory.

Different colours in these uniforms shows the hierarchy of the soldiers for example those with titles such as General commander dresses up on a different uniform from a normal soldier in the Kenya Army.

Kenya Army Allowances

Kenya Army are given allowances to cater for their expenses. The amount of allowances given depends on the education level, years of experience among other factors.

Some of the allowances include:

1. Basic Allowance for Housing(BAH)

2. Basic Allowance for Subsistence(BAS)

3. Family separation Allowance

4. Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance

5. Military Clothing Allowance, among others.


One can easily join Kenya Army after undergoing thorough training and passed the recruitment tests. Salaries are always paid as agreed and it includes all the allowances that one benefits after joining Kenya Army. In case you want to join Kenya Army, wait for the general announcement by the president to recruit new soldiers which is done annually.

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