How to Make 1,000 Daily | Easy Ways to Become Rich Quickly

There are various side hustles in Kenya that you can do and make Ksh. 1,000 daily without much effort. Besides, you can strategize to have a good saving plan so as to invest more in your business, thus making you rich in no time. Aside from that, 1,000 a day is a good amount of money for you as long as you have a proper budget to avoid overspending on unnecessary stuff.

Do you want to know how to make one thousand per day in Kenya? This article is definitely meant for you. Stay connected by reading till the end.

20 Ideas on How to Make 1,000 Daily

The following are 20 ideas that can help you with how to make 1,000 daily:

  1. Selling Groceries

This mainly deals with vegetables. Many households consume vegetables on a daily basis making this business in demand. Start your grocery shop in your residential area and start making 1,000 daily.

  1. Data Entry Services

This is an easy online job where you key in data using your computer and get paid. You can make 1,000 daily by performing this simple task, although you need to be hired.

  1. Selling Smokies And Eggs

These are like snacks that many people feed on before taking the actual meal. Besides, you need to locate an ideal place so that you can make this business a fast-moving business and make 1,000 daily.

  1. Cyber Café service

This is a lucrative venture that can earn you 1,000 daily. This is because computer knowledge is highly recommended in the modern world, as a lot of things are done online.

  1. Starting a Movie Shop

This is mainly used for recreational services during leisure. People pay for movies before being allowed in, making it a lucrative venture with most profits.

  1. Selling Medical Herbs

Kenyans have a belief that herbs can treat conditions that even doctors cannot treat. Get yourself some knowledge about herbs and start this business to start making 1,000 a day.

  1. Repairing Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are always prone to faultiness. If you have the right skills for phone repairs, then you have got an opportunity for yourself. You can make more money in this business than you could ever imagine.

  1. Printing Services

All you need for this business is a computer and a printer to commence this business. The best places to set up your business are universities, colleges, and towns, among others, in order to fetch maximum profits.

  1. Photography

Did you know that taking quality photos can make you earn 1,000 daily? It is not necessary for you to have a camera, but instead having a good camera phone can help you with this. Ensure you also have editing skills, as this helps in making photos attractive.

  1. Opening Up Boda Boda Business

Boda Boda Business is a fascinating business field that requires only a motorbike. Motorbikes are incredibly flexible in terms of maneuvering. Having many customers will earn you income as you charge per ride.

  1. Selling Chips

Many people refer to this business as the “chipo mwitu” business. The majority of Kenyans love chips and they are bought as a snack mostly during lunchtime and evening times. This business is very lucrative and will help you earn an income daily.

  1. Starting An Mpesa Agent

Mpesa agents are paid mainly through commissions for every transaction. Having an Mpesa is best as you only need customers to withdraw money from your Mpesa shop and earn commission.

  1. Work As An Affiliate Marketer

Promoting products of various companies on your platforms is awesome. Once a purchase is made based on your promotion, you earn commission without having to strain.

  1. Betting

You can decide to show people the betting tips on your social media platforms and get paid per service offered. Besides, you can be spinning the wheels and betting on football matches, especially at small odds, where you can easily make 1,0000 daily.

  1. Mahindi Choma Business

This business has served many in Kenya. Besides, it is a fast-moving business in Kenya, so earning money is easy. Nowadays, one maize goes for Ksh. 30, meaning you have to sell more than 35 maize to make 1,000 a day.

  1. Specialize in Offering Delivery Services

If you have a motorcycle or a bicycle, then you have got yourself a business opportunity. All you need is to start offering delivery services to your clients, earning money based on the number of deliveries you make in a day.

  1. Start a Kiosk Business

Ensure you stock your kiosk with items that are commonly used by households in order to make at least 1,000 per day and even more. Serve your customers well in order to maintain a higher buying rate in your shop.

  1. Online Writing

Online has offered a very good opportunity for writers. Look for websites that need writers. All you need is to have the writing skills in order to produce creative content on a computer or smartphone.

  1. Selling Items On The Social Media Platforms

Do you want to increase your sales today? Have different accounts on social media platforms where you will be advertising products and selling them by delivering them to your clients. This will help you become famous, thus increasing your earnings.

  1. Selling Mitumba

The Mitumba business in Kenya is a lucrative venture to get into. This is because it is a highly marketable business due to the high demand of clothes by people in Kenya. You can make 1,000 daily when you locate your business in a better place that will attract customers to your doorstep.

You are in a better position to choose the type of business you want to delve into and make Ksh. 1,000 daily.


In the final analysis, you can turn your dream into reality by starting businesses that can earn you 1,000 daily. Besides, invest more in your business in order to fetch maximum profits on a daily basis.

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