How To Manage 15k Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

How To Manage 15k Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

Perhaps you think 15k is a little cash salary but yet it is not. Through proper budgeting you will be able to utilize Ksh.15,000 and also save the remaining amount.

Besides, a 15k salary is better rather than facing unemployment issue with no salary at all.

Budgeting 15,000 salary is very easy and you will appreciate the amount you have because I will show you the little magic that your ksh.15,000 salary will help you do.

Without further ado, let us get started on how to manage 15k Salary in Kenya without a lot of debts.

1. Write A Constructive Budget.

Have a realistic budget as yo aim to cut down unnecessary cost as much as possible.

Writing a budget for the whole month is so important since it will help you manage your 15k without running out of money in the middle of the month.

After writing the budget, do the analysis that will help you separate your needs from wants thus cutting down expenses.

2. Rent

In case you are living in a rental house, make sure you spend a maximum of 30% of your salary which is ksh.5,000 and below so as to avoid overspending in rent.

Well, in case you have a place that you are not paying rent then you are advantaged as you can use it to buy other items.

3. House Shopping

This involves all the requirements in the house such as cleaning items,food,among others.This shopping should take a maximum of ksh.4,000.

Since this shopping is in bulk then you will be able to save more since other items will just be topped up at the end of the month.

4. Transport

I hope you find your place a good place that is not far a way from your working place.

This will help you spend less on transport approximately Ksh.2,000 of your salary per month.

5. Spare Some Cash For Emergency

Spare an average of Ksh.2,000 that can be used to buy the little items in the house that you may lack.

This will help you minimize the rate at which you engage in debts.

6. Saving

Try as much as possible so as to save a minimum of 10% of your salary every month. Savings help you engage in business world that will be another source of income.

Besides, it will help you improve your standards of living thus kicking poverty.


To sum up,15k salary is a very good amount of money that you can do something constructive with. Besides, budgeting 15,000 salary helps you reduce debts in the society.

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