How To Manage A 20k Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

How To Manage A 20k Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

It is evident that different people with different occupations get different salary ranges. For instance, there might be people who are earning up to millions on monthly basis.

Well, what matters a lot is how you manage your pay and make it even more productive.

You might give up and think that your pay is not of satisfactory. That should not be the case because today you will be able to know how to manage a 20k salary in Kenya.

Monthly Budget For 20k Salary

Getting a salary of 20k should not make you fear to get on with your progress. Here is how you can manage a monthly budget for 20k salary.

1. Immediately you are paid, follow your budget list

2. Things like grocery shopping should be done in bulk

3. Pay your rent

3. Pay medical insurance

4. Invest on some other business if possible

5. Clear debts with high interests if you have.

6. Prepare the budget wisely

7. Use public means for transport

8. Pay your electric bills

That is how to save money with 20,000 salary.

When you follow those guidelines properly, you will end up realizing a very big save as compared to the past times.

Survive With 20K In Nairobi

Also, you may wish to know how can I survive 20K Salary In Nairobi might be a bother to you.

Today I am going to clearly show you how you can survive with 20k in Nairobi.

Surviving in Nairobi depends on how you budget the little you earn. Here is how you can survive with 20k;

1. Look for a house with a rent of about Ksh.4,000 per month

2. For transport use public means

3. Buy food stuffs in bulk from wholesale markets such as (Githurai, Marikiti etc)

4. Pay for insurance

5. Pay water bills and electricity bills

6. The rest of the money can be saved


I am sure that you are now able to use your 20k salary appropriately. Let me hope the article was of great importance to you.

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