How To Start A Bakery Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

How To Start A Bakery Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

A bakery business is one of the business opportunities in Kenya that one can start with a minimum capital and invest more in it with time.Also,there are minimum competition thus more profits are gained at the end of the tunnel.

Queen cake business has created employment opportunities for many Citizens in Kenya. Perhaps ,you are curious to know how to start a bakery business from home using little capital.

Here is the procedure on how to start a bakery business in Kenya:

Step 1: Write down a bakery business plan in Kenya.

Step 2: Find a strategic position where you can situate your bakery.

Step 3:Get yourself a bakery license and other related permits.

Step 4:Buy equipment required.

Step 5: Hire a professional staff.

Step 5: Market your bakery business so as to get more customers.

I wish you all the best in your bakery business.

Requirements To Start A Small Bakery

Legal requirements for starting a bakery in Kenya include:

1. Food handling medical certificate.

2. Food Hygiene Certificate.

3. Certified business permit.

4. Fire safety certificate.

Equipment Needed To Start A Bakery

Bakery equipment list and prices in Kenya are as follows:

a. Steel transformers toroidal coil perm alloy at Ksh.300 -Ksh.5,000.

b. Ice cream wrapper machine at Ksh.136,000.

c. Refrigerator at Ksh.17,000 – Ksh.80,000.

d. Oven at Ksh.12,000 -Ksh.100,000.

e. Refrigeration showcase in your bakery at Ksh.75,000.

f. Dough mixer at Ksh.5,000.

8. Trays at ksh.800.

Equip your bakery with these equipment and you will join a list of successful bakers in Kenya.

Challenges Faced By Bakeries In Kenya

Despite all business having its own unique challenges, bakery business is not an exception and be prepared for this:

1. Minimum market for their products.

2. Running short of inventories.

3. Stiff competition.

4. Ineffective product promotion.

5. Poor advertisement of the products.


A bakery business requires passion in order to run it successfully. Just like any other business, it has challenges though they can be easily overcome. Engage yourself in a bakery business and watch your dreams come true.

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