How To Start A Security Company In Kenya Easily For Profit

How To Start A Security Company In Kenya Easily For Profit

Security Company business in Kenya is one of the most unleashed business opportunities that many citizens have not discovered. This business has minimum competition thus highly demanded for thus fetching more profits at the end. For a security company business to become successful one has to have basic information that is very strategic in running this business.

I know there are lots of questions such as “ is starting a security company a good idea?” which are running through your mind. Yes. Starting a security company is a good idea since everybody needs security and you can offer your services at a fee.

Security company is among the best business you can start and I will take you through on how start a security company in Kenya without difficulties.

Step 1: Thorough Research On The Security Business

You should do very thorough research so as to identify the business strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to avoid delving into a new thing that you have no clue about. Focus on the competition that competitors are giving to establish a very competent security company.

Step 2: Draft A Very Effective Security Company Business Plan.

This will be you compass since it will give you directions on what to do to avoid unbiased work. Also, it helps in utilizing every resource that one has.

Step 3: Formulating A Start Up Capital

Are you curious to know how much does it cost to start a security company? It costs an average of Ksh.350,000 to Ksh.725,000 to start a small effective security company business in Kenya. The more you engage in this business invest more in it so as to earn high income.

Step 4: Security Company Registration

Perhaps you were stranded on how to register a security company without complications. Here are the simple steps:

  • Have a security company name.
  • The nature of your business.
  • Directors details.
  • Signing of the company documents.
  • Opening business bank account.
  • Selecting security company start up package which includes the pricing plan and premiums that you prefer.
  • Filling of the requirement form.
  • Uploading of the requirement form on the registration order and submit.

This steps will guide you through the registration process.

Step 5: Business Training and Support

Joining Kenya Security Industry Association (KISA) after your company registration will help you gain the benefits of being entitled to display a SIA quality seal which indicate types of security products that your company is offering.

Step 6: Security Sector Regulations.

You should be aware of the regulations that govern the security sector since it is very crucial. This is done with the aid of Kenya Private Security Regulatory Authority.

I hope this step will help have an idea of the whole security company.

Types of Security Company Business License

You may also want to know what licenses do I need to start a security company which are:

  1. General Business License.
  2. Security guard license.
  3. Firearm Permit.
  4. Service Vendor’s License.
  5. Security Service License.


In conclusion, security company requires one to be very careful and put into considerations key items that will help your business in growing day by day. Besides it is the best business opportunities since it creates a wide field of opportunities for many individuals in the country thus highly promoting Kenya’s economy.

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