Unit Manager Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Unit Manager Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

A unit manager is in charge of a single activity within a company. Within the unit that the manager is in charge of, the manager is generally in control of a group of employees.

They are usually in charge of hiring workers and ensuring that they are performing their jobs correctly and efficiently.

As a result, unit managers play vital roles in recruiting, training, developing and ensuring that the organizations goals are met. This is done by implementation of strategies that lead in achieving the success based on the Organization’s plans.

So, how much is a unit manager paid? Insurance Unit manager salary in Kenya is average of Ksh.120,000 per month. This is a monthly salary including all allowances.

The salary highly varies depending on factors such as skills, work experience, education level, location, among others.

Requirements To Become A Unit Manager In Kenya

Are you wondering how do you become a unit manager? Here are some of the qualifications needed to become a unit manager in Kenya:

a. A degree in any Business related field.

b. Have a minimum of 2 years working experience in selling insurance products.

c. Have insurance qualifications such as COP qualifications or ACII qualifications which is an added advantage.

d. Have the ability to recruit, develop, retain a motivated field force.

e. Have knowledge in insurance software.

f. Have excellent communication skills.

g. High level of orientation to customers.

h. Should have excellent personal skills such as reliability, time conscious, among others.

i. Ability in sales management.

Unit Manager Jobs In Kenya

Various unit manager jobs vacancies available now for you to apply include but not limited to:

1. Unit Manager at Liberty Life.

2. Unit Manager at Safaricom Investment Co-operative, Nairobi.

3. Unit Manager at Gemnia Insurance Co Ltd.

4. Unit Manager at Mt. Kenya Region at Cytonn Investments.

5. Assistant Unit Manager at 4G Capital.

6. Unit Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, Nairobi.

7. Business Unit Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, Nairobi.

8. Unit Manager Based in Nyeri at Kenindia Insurance Company.

9. Program Management Unit Manager at Mercy Corps.

10. Unit Manager at Jubilee Insurance in Kisii.

11. Unit Manager -Real Estate Portfolio at Safaricom Investment Corporative.

12. Unit Manager at Sanlam.

13. Unit Manager based in Nyeri at Buscojobs.

14. Unit Manager at Kenya Alliance Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi.


In summary, Unit management is the best business career of choice that has more benefits in return such as high paying salaries. Apply for Unit Management jobs in Kenya and have a better future.

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