Loss Control Officer Salary In Kenya | New

Loss Control Officer Salary In Kenya | New

Security over the organizations assets is key in every firm. Theft is among the crimes that is experienced in various organizations and this calls upon employment of Loss Control Officers.

What is Loss Control Officer? Loss Control Officer is an officer who takes part in ensuring the prevention of losses, security of the organization’s assets, people, detecting theft and recovering stolen goods.

So, what is a loss control officer salary in Kenya? A loss control officer salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.212,000 per month. This salary includes all monthly allowances such as housing, medical, transport, among others.

Hipora Loss Control Salary

Hipora Loss Control identifies and obtains necessary evidence and make recommendations to critical losses.

Hipora Loss Control earns an average of Ksh.19,000 on a monthly basis.

Loss Control In Supermarkets

Loss Control in supermarkets ensure minimum risks of potential losses in the supermarket and controlling already existing losses by implementation of strategies to curb the situation.

Loss Control in supermarkets earn an average of Ksh.200,000 per month including all the benefit packages.

Loss Control Jobs In Kenya

Some of the vacant positions that one can apply for include:

a. Laundry Officer at Kenya Airways, Nairobi.

b. Durable solution officer at UNHCR,the UN Refugee Agency,Dadaab,Garissa.

c. Subgrants officer at IREX, Nairobi.

d. Senior Officer Application Management at Mitchell Cotts Group.

e. ERD Measurement Officer at International Rescue Committee, Nairobi.

f. Ombuds Officer at World Food Programme.

g. Administrative Assistant -SOLV Kenya at Standard Chattered Bank Nairobi.

Duties Of A Loss Prevention Officer

Are you wondering what are the duties of a loss prevention officer? Here are the integral roles played by Loss Prevention Officer in any organization:

1. Prevent shoplifter and employee theft in a retail environment.

2. Monitor Surveillance cameras.

3. Investigate and identity dishonest personnel in the organization.

4. Stimulate merchandise prevention standards.

5. Perform store operational audits in the organization.

6. Conduct awareness training programs.

7. Respond to emergency calls.

8. Provide ample security and safety modes for the company’s assets.

9. Interview witnesses and suspects and develop reports.


Loss Control Officers are of big help in ensuring the success of the organization financially. It is also a good career as one earns more monthly salary together with various benefit packages.

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