Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity Charges and Services

Featuring among the best referral hospitals in Kenya, Kenyatta Hospital private wing maternity charges are affordable. More information about the hospital has been documented here.

In the year 1901, the hospital was founded. Out of a total bed capacity of 1,800, 209 beds are of private wing. Currently, the hospital is highly ranked among the best in Nairobi County. This is because it provides quality services to the patients.

Kenyatta Hospital Location

Kenyatta Hospital Private wing is located in parklands wetlands.

Kenyatta Hospital Directions

From Kenyatta market flyover, it’s a 20 min walk to the hospital. From Kenyatta hospital stage it’s a 5-minute walk journey to the facility.

Kenyatta Hospital Address

Hospital Rd, Nairobi

Kenyatta Hospital Contacts

Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Contacts are; 0782550844 or 0782550876

Kenyatta Hospital Maternity Charges

Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity Charges are very affordable to anyone who is willing to acquire the services.

Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity fee are shown in the table below;

Kenyatta Hospital Maternity ServicesWith NHIFWithout NHIF/ Private
Caesarian sectionFreeKsh. 100,000 – Ksh. 152,000
Normal deliveryFreeKsh. 35,000 – Ksh. 53,000
Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity Charges

Kenyatta hospital maternity charges public wing is free with NHIF cover

Kenyatta Hospital Maternity Package

Kenyatta Hospital maternity packages include normal delivery and caesarian section.

Kenyatta Hospital Wards

The facility has wards that are spacious and comfortable. The table below shows charges paid to access ward services;

Kenyatta Hospital WardsCharges (Ksh)
Single room wardsApproximately Ksh. 6,150
General wardsApproximately Ksh. 4,000
VIP roomsApproximately Ksh. 20,000
Private room wardsApproximately Ksh 8,150
Kenyatta Hospital Wards Charges

Kenyatta Hospital Services

Services offered in the hospital are;

Emergency Services

The emergency department are always available for 24 hours a day to tackle any emergency issues that may arise. The department is always standby to ensure that lives are saved.

Normal Delivery Services

Mothers have an opportunity to deliver normally in the facility. The delivery charges are very affordable and free with NHIF cover.

Caesarian Section Services

In case there are issues with delivery, the facility is fully equipped with a c section. The doctors in the department are always there to fight for the lives of the mother and child.

Mother And Child Clinic Services

With the availability of the MCH, mothers and children health has greatly improved over the years. The nurses and doctors in the department value the lives of the mother and child. Provided services in the clinic are of satisfactory to the clients.

Gynaecology Services

The hospital has gynaecologists who have socialized in women’s health. In most cases they deal with issues affecting the female reproductive system. They do tests on hormone disorders and STI’s. they also handle issues including obstetrics, fertility, and pregnancy issues.

Laboratory Services

With well trained staff in the laboratory department, the tests conducted are always accurate. The laboratory is also modern and fully equipped with modern laboratory equipment.  Some of the conducted tests are tests for; malaria, full hemogram, liver functions tests, random blood sugar, urinalysis, urea, electrolyte and creatinine.

Pharmacy Services

A well-stocked pharmacy is available. The pharmacy is well equipped with drugs to cure different types of infections and diseases. The personnel working there ensure that correct dosage is administered to the patients. Through this, there are minimal cases of overdose and underdose.

Physiotherapy Services

The doctors will help you recover from any injury that you could have acquired during sports. They literary help you through physical means such as exercise and massage. At some point, they may also have talking sessions with the affected patients.

Orthopedic Services

Are you having a fracture? Then you are at the right place. Orthopedists in the facility are there to help you recover from injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system. These problems could affect the; ligaments and bones among others.

General Consultation Services

Kenyatta hospital private wing gives you an opportunity to visit the doctor, explain your condition and be assisted appropriately. The doctors are very friendly and always ready to help one recover from the diseases affecting them.

Optical Services

Computerized eye checkup is in the optical department. The opticians are available to fit eye glasses, do lens corrections and also run normal eye tests. Eye problem should not make you feel useless. Visit the facility for best eye care services.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Services

The amenity has the ENT doctors who treat disorders of the ear, nose, throat, snoring, sinus problems, allergies and sleeping disorders.

Dental Services

Dentists are available to assist anyone having teeth problems feel ok. The dentists in the hospital deal with a variety of issues such as extraction, filling, fitting of braces among many. The dentists are well vast with the field. This means that your teeth health is guaranteed.

General Surgery Services

Well trained and experienced surgeons are available to perform surgeries. The surgeons ensure that the surgical tools used are clean before performing any surgery. This greatly reduces the chances of infections. Both major and minor surgeries are performed.

Cardiology Services

Issues affecting the heart and blood vessels are taken care of at Kenyatta Hospital, the team work together with an aim of cubbing complications such as heart failure among others. Don’t hesitate to visit the hospital if you have any heart problems.

Radiology Services

Radiology services are offered. Some of these radiology services are; pelvic x rays, chest x rays, ultra sound and skull x ray.   

Renal Unit Services

The amenity has a renal unit. where patients with chronic kidney diseases who require renal replacement, therapy are taken.  Nephrologists are there to treat and manage those acute diseases affecting the kidney.


Kenyatta Hospital Private Wing Maternity Charges are different from the public win as described above. Maybe you were not sure which hospital to visit. Now I am sure that you got the answer to your question pay a visit to the Kenyatta hospital for awesome services.

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