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Plainsview Hospital Maternity Charges and Services

If you are looking for affordable maternity hospitals in Kenya, Plainsview hospital maternity charges are pocket friendly. The modern hospital is well equipped with qualified staff who can assist you receive your bundle of joy among other medical services you may need.

Plainsview Hospital is one of the most preferred Hospitals in Kenya. Their main aim is to achieve the need of quality medication to patients diagnosed with different types of diseases. The Hospital provides the most quality services. It has well trained personnel who have specialized in their various technical departments.

Plainsview Hospital, Nairobi is one of the greatest facility that has adopted modern technology to ensure that there is smooth running of the business. The hospital has a maternity where high quality delivery services are offered at affordable prices.

Plainsview Hospital Location

Plains view hospital is a private hospital located along Thika superhighway in Ruiru. Kiambu county.

Plainsview Hospital Address

P.O.BOX 208, Ruiru, Nairobi

Email Address: info@plainsviewhospital

Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Contacts

Plainsview Hospital contacts; +254711717863

Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Visiting Hours

Plainsview Hospital gives you a chance to visit your patient during the day. Visiting hours is as shown below;

Morning Hours: 11:00AM- 12:00 NOON 

Evening Hours: 4:00PM-6:00PM

Plainsview Hospital Maternity Charges

The following table shows Plainsview hospital maternity fees are as shown below;

Plainsview Hospital Maternity ServicesPlainsview Hospital Maternity charges
Plainsview Maternity Charges
Normal deliveryKsh. 30,000Only pay for other services such as scan if done, room amenities e.t.c
Caesarian sectionKsh. 60,000Only pay for other services such as scan  if done, room amenities e.t.c
Plainsview Hospital Maternity Charges

Does Plainsview Hospital Accept NHIF?

The answer is yes. The facility accepts the National Hospital Insurance Funds to members who have acquired it.

Plainsview Hospital Ruiru NHIF code

The facilities NHIF code is 220848

Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Maternity Services          

Some of Plainsview hospital maternity package include:

1) Normal Delivery

Patients with no complications are able to deliver in the facility, quality care is also provided.

2) Caesarian Section

In case the mother has difficulties, the hospital has doctors who have specialized in the job, with their help, the delivery process happens successfully.

3) Plainsview Hospital Gynaecologist          

 Plainsview Hospital has gynaecologists who help women improve their health. In case a surgical problem arises; the gynecologists are always available to handle the problem cautiously and ensure that the patient gets well soon. The specialists also help fix women problems such as urological systems and reproductive systems

4) Mother And Child Clinic

Just after delivery, the facility has a mother child clinic. This helps them attend regular checkup and nurses work closely with them to ensure they get well.  The nurses also administer relevant medication to the baby. This may include; Immunization among others. The section also has a sub area of family planning, maternal health, general education and training to the mother.

5) Wards

Availability of modern medical and surgical wards greatly helps the patients recover quickly.  There are also private wards for patients who need privacy in their stay. Wards are available for both men and women.

6) Ambulance Services

Plainsview hospital Ambulance that works 24/7

Ambulance hotline; 020-3584085 or +254727-910826


Plainsview Hospital Services

Other than maternity services, the hospital offers a wide range of services that you can benefit from. Some of the services include:

Outpatient Services

For the patients who are not that badly ill, they are able to get quality assistance, service and care.

Inpatient Services

For the patients whose conditions are critical, they are well admitted in the hospital wards which are comfortable. There is also close supervision of nurses and doctors who are available for the patients anytime they need anything. Private wards are also available for both men and women

Dental Services

Do you have teeth problems? If yes Plainsview hospital offers you the best quality teeth care. Dental services are provided with well knowledgeable dentists highly ranked in Kenya. The technicians are very capable to perform tasks such as fabricating crowns, dentures and orthodontic appliances.

Special Unit Services

The facility has a separate unit from the Intensive care unit. This helps the patients stay until recovery and discharge.

Laboratory Services

Modern laboratories fully equipped with every testing gadget is available. Well trained specialists are also available; they mainly help analyze the specimen and ensure that they get accurate test results. Laboratory charges are also affordable.

Pharmaceutical Services

A well-structured pharmacy is available with different types of drugs treating a variety of diseases. The pharmacists aim is to ensure that the patients get the correct drug dosage to help them get better as time goes by.

General Consultation Services

Patients are able to see the doctor and explain their condition before undergoing any kind of treatment. Through that communication, the doctor listens to the patient and through that effective communication common diseases might be noticed. The doctors also give advice followed by a report before referring them to a physician.

Theatre Services

The hospital has a theatre where both major and minor surgeries are performed. All surgical tools are there. This helps the surgery process to be successful.

Optical Services

There are opticians who examine patient’s visions test, fit contact lenses, eye glasses and treat conditions like glaucoma and dry eye.  The opticians also provide therapy to those affected patients. The facility has got computerized eye tests, this has greatly impacted accurate results and time saving.

Orthopaedic Services

There are orthopedic surgeons who are well trained in their work of; fixing and repairing of skeletal systems and its related joints muscles and ligaments. In case a patient has a damage of the bone then Plainsview Hospital is the best for the treatment.

Physiotherapy Services

In case you have a disorder, the availability of physiotherapists’ help you manage your disease through physical means such as; massage, workouts and exercise. Mostly they deal with sports injuries.


Plainsview hospital maternity charges are very affordable and the hospital accepts NHIF insurance among other insurance companies to pay your bill. Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Kenya is now one of the best private hospitals with modern facilities. Its main objective is to ensure that their customers are well attended to and that all the solutions to their problems are given in the right manner. For best quality services don’t hesitate to visit Plainsview Hospital.

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