Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

I have provided essential facts about Meridian Hospital maternity charges, services, contacts, address, location, gynaecologists, branches and many more just to make your research easier, quicker and informative.

Meridian Hospital is a great facility with professionals in a variety of fields. The hospital also has modern facilities. In addition, it has many branches all over. The main reason for its formation was to ensure that the society benefits totally in terms of good healthcare.

Meridian Health Group serves Kenya and East Africa with high-quality, cost-effective, and easily accessible health care.
Meridian Hospital is one of the market leaders in the provision of excellent, cost-effective, and accessible health care in Kenya and the East African area, with a developing country-wide network of one-stop medical facilities and hospitals.

Meridian Hospital Maternity Package

Meridian Hospital offers packages like; normal delivery with gynae, normal delivery with midwife and caesarian delivery.

Normal Delivery

Are you expectant? Or are you having someone who is? Then finding the best hospital is difficult? What if I told you that you are at the right place? Meridian hospital gives women a chance to deliver normally. women are able to deliver with the help of midwifes, gynecologists and doctors.

The staff ensure that every delivery procedure is well conducted. When you have your baby delivered through Meridian hospital then there is an assurance that the mother and the child survive. The normal delivery service is also offered at a very affordable price. In simple terms anyone can access the service.

Caesarian Delivery

Birth complications is with many people nowadays. At some point its even normal to some people. However, to some it isn’t. this is the reason why the hospital has a caesarian section. In this section women with birth complications are taken for some sort of surgery.

Through the surgery, the baby is delivered in good condition. The c section is run by well trained nurses and highly skilled surgeons. The surgeons ensure that all the surgical procedures are conducted with keenness. The nurses also play a very big role in terms of assistance.

Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges

Below is a table showing some maternity services with their respective charges;

Meridian Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Normal Delivery (with gynecologists)Ksh. 80,000
Normal Delivery (with midwife)Ksh. 65,000
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 180,000
Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges

NHIF Ksh. 2,700 per night.

Meridian Hospital Services

 Meridian Hospital offers the following services

Emergency Services

Issues concerning emergencies should not be taken lightly. Emergency cases should be handled cautiously. This is to prevent extra damages. The amenity has an emergency department. This department is run by highly trained staff. The staff is always standby to handle any type of emergency at any given time.

The emergency team also works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Incase there are any issues that require immediate attendance, don’t hesitate to reach Meridian Hospital emergency team.

Theatre Services

There is a theatre where surgical procedures are conducted. The surgeons are well vast with surgical knowledge. In the theatres both major and minor surgeries are conducted. The doctors and nurses ensure that everything goes as required. In addition, the theatres have modern equipment. This improves accuracy by a higher percentage.

Laboratory Services

A modern laboratory with modern testing equipment is available. Just after consultation with the doctor, a patient may be referred to the laboratory for a test. At this point now the laboratory technicians take charge. The technicians are there to conduct tests and provide accurate answers according to the respective tests.

It is clear that through the technicians accuracy there are no chances of producing false results. The technicians conduct tests such as malaria tests, typhoid, blood screening before transfusion and many more. If you really don’t want to doubt your tests results then I advise you to visit Meridian Hospital.

Pharmacy Services

This is a very Important section in a hospital. After the doctors have prescribed certain drugs, the patients only have a single choice and that is to visit the pharmacy. Meridian hospital has a well-structured and a fully stocked pharmacy. The pharmacy has a variety of drugs to cure different diseases.

The pharmacy is also stocked with up-to-date drugs and not expired ones. The pharmacy is also run by professionals. These professionals are there to ensure that correct drugs are administered to the patients according to the doctors’ prescriptions. Through this there are no issues of overdose and underdose.

Dental Services

Teeth problems may arise due to different issues. The problems might arise due to eating sugary foods, lack of brushing the teeth and other causes. The dentists are available in the hospital to deal with issues affecting the teeth. The dentists offer services such as; extraction, filling, crowns, bridging, fitting of braces and teeth whitening among others.

Meridian Hospital Branches With Maternity Services

1. Meridian Hospital Westlands

Meridian Hospital Westlands Contacts

Phone 1: 0722207623

Phone 2: 0709572000

Meridian Hospital Westlands Address

The Mall, Parklands/Highridge, Ring Rd Parklands, Nairobi.

Meridian Hospital Westlands Location

 The facility is located at The mall 2nd floor in westlands.

2. Meridian Hospital Kiserian

Meridian Hospital Kiserian Contacts

Phone: 0718798808

Meridian Hospital Kiserian Address

Magadi Rd, Kiserian

Meridian Hospital Kiserian Location

 The facility is located along Magadi road, kiserian in Ongata Rongai in Kajiado North.

3. Meridian Hospital Donholm

Meridian Hospital Donholm Contacts

You can reach Meridian Medical center Donholm through; 0719802241

Meridian Hospital Donholm Address

Business Centre, Upper Savanna, Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi.

Meridian Hospital Donholm Location

The hospital is located at business centre in upper savanna along Outer Ring Road.

4. Meridian Hospital Thika

Meridian Hospital Thika Contacts

Phone: 0709572042

Meridian Hospital Thika Address

Ground Floor, Thika Arcade, Kenyatta Avenue, Thika.

Meridian Hospital Thika Location

Located in Thika Arcade

5. Meridian Hospital Buruburu

Meridian Hospital Buruburu Contacts

Landline: 0202451654

Meridian Hospital Buruburu Address

Harambee Mumias South Rd, BuruBuru Business Complex, Nairobi.

Meridian Hospital Buruburu Location

The Hospital is located along Harambee Mumias south road Buruburu in Nairobi County.


Meridian Hospital maternity charges are affordable. Besides, the hospital offers a wide range of services for the wellbeing of the whole society at large. Now since you know where to visit when you are sick, don’t suffer with your condition anymore. I highly recommend you to visit the hospital for assistance.

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