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I have compiled for you Naidu Hospital Thika maternity charges, services, contacts, location, address, directions, gynecologist, and many more to make your research easy.

Naidu Hospital Thika is one of the leading Hospitals around. Its aim of formation was to eradicate sickness and promote good health.

Outpatient services at Naidu Hospital are designed to meet the medical needs of the whole family. The outpatient services of Naidu Hospital provide accessible, comprehensive health care ranging from health screenings and exams to 24-hour treatment for minor crises.

Naidu Hospital Contact Number

Phone: 0735600237

Naidu Hospital Location

Naidu Hospital is Located at Thika Riverside Estate, Haile Selassie Rd, Thika

Naidu Hospital Thika Address

Thika Riverside Estate, Township, Haile Selassie Rd

Naidu Hospital Thika Visiting Hours

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic I recommend you to contact the hospital to confirm the visiting hours.

Naidu Hospital Thika Maternity Package

Packages offered include:.

Antenatal Clinic

Your antenatal care provider, whether a midwife or a doctor, will: check your and your baby’s health. The doctor will give you important information, such as good nutrition and fitness suggestions, to help you have a healthy pregnancy Discuss your options and choices for prenatal, labor, and delivery care.

Normal Delivery

Women who have no birth complications are able to have a successful delivery at the Hospital. Women are able to deliver by the help of nurses, doctors and mid wives. The staff ensures that there are no complications during the procedures.

After the delivery session the mother and the child are taken care of with maximum attention. The normal delivery service is offered at a very affordable rate.

Caesarian Delivery

With a caesarian section in it, the hospital has recorded a high increase in terms of survival of the mother and child. Basically, in a c section what happens is that there is a minor surgery that normally takes place. The surgeries are not conducted by local people.

The surgeries are conducted by very skilled and trained surgeons. Through the training and skills, they have, there are no issues of inappropriate procedures. The surgeons use advanced surgical tools. the use of advanced surgical tools plays a very great impact in terms of successful delivery and accuracy.

Gynaecology Services

Nowadays, women’s health is given priorities. This is because their lives are also important like any other beings’ life. The gynaecologists are available in the clinic to handle a variety of issues affecting the female reproductive system.

The gynaecologists deal with conditions such as; hormonal disorders, infertility issues, sexually Transmitted infections, menstrual disorders and others. If you feel like you have any of the mentioned conditions don’t wait until its too late. Visit the gynaecologists and make your health better.

Naidu Hospital Thika Maternity Charges

Naidu Hospital Thika offers maternity services at affordable prices. The table below shows the maternity services with their respective charges.

Naidu Hospital Thika Maternity ServicesCharges
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 80,000
Normal Delivery (with NHIF)Ksh. 1,800
Normal Delivery (without NHIF)Ksh. 20,000 – Ksh.25,000
Naidu Hospital Thika Maternity Charges

Naidu Hospital Thika Services

These are some of the services offered at Naidu Hospital Thika.

Emergency Services

There is an emergency team available at Naidu Hospital. This team is there to ensure that all the cases that require an immediate attendance is taken care of. The team is focused in saving lives. The emergency department staff are well trained in their field of specialty.

The staff work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The team is ever standby and every case is normally attended to.

General Consultation Services

The doctors in the Hospital are ever available. Also, they are very friendly in a way that they interact freely with the patients. The hospital gives you a chance to see the doctors and explain your condition. The doctors in turn listen to the patients and provide the specific directories. For the best consultation services visit Naidu Hospital Thika.

Physiotherapy Services

There are physiotherapists in the hospital who deal with conditions or injuries that may have been acquired through workouts, exercise and sporting activities. The physiotherapists treat these conditions through physical means such as massage and exercise.

At some point, the physiotherapists may also have talking sessions with the patients through therapy. In case you have such problems there is no need to wait until its too late. Just take an initiative of visiting the facilities physiotherapists.

Dental Services

With the availability of qualified dentists, problems related to the teeth are taken care of appropriately. The dentists offer services of satisfactory to the patients.

Some of these services that they offer include; extractions, crowns, bridging, filling, teeth whitening, fitting of braces among others. The dentists will take care of your teeth and you will be assured of the best health.

Diabetes Treatment Services

Are you diabetic? If yes then there is no need to be scared. Naidu Hospital has a diabetic center. The clinic is run by doctors who are well vast with the disease. The doctors will ensure that your condition is perfectly good.

Pharmacy Services

A well-stocked pharmacy is available in the facility. This pharmacy has different types of drugs to cure a variety of diseases. The drugs that are available in the pharmacy are fresh, not expired and not contaminated. All these conditions help the patients consume good drugs and improve their health. the pharmacy is run by trained personnel.

Just after the doctors have prescribed certain drugs to the patients, it is the responsibility of the chemists to ensure that correct dosages are administered. The chemists also work for 24 hours and the pharmacy is also open for 24 hours a day.

The chemists are ever keen to avoid the issues of overdose and underdose. The chemists have an objective of making sure that the health of the patients better as time goes by. If you want to get better quickly or rather to boost your recovery then make an effort of visiting Naidu Hospital Thika for assistance.


Now you have basic facts about Naidu Hospital Thika maternity charges, and services that can be helpful to you. seen everything that you wanted. The services have been clearly illustrated to you. Now I am really sure that you know where to visit according to the condition you are going through.

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