St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Maternity Charges and Services

All you need to know about St Scholastica Uzima Hospital maternity charges and services is all here. I have made your research easy and avail other useful details such as contacts, location, address, NHIF, and many more information about the hospital.

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital was formed with an aim of helping the society achieve better health. The facility is highly ranked because of its services of satisfactory to the clients.

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Contacts

Phone: 0718061200

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Location

Located Off Thika Super Highway, Survey of Kenya.

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Address

Thika Rd, Nairobi

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital NHIF Code


St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Maternity Charges 

Scholastica Uzima Hospital offers the best maternity services. However, these services are chargeable but at affordable rates. Below shows a table of those services with their respective prices;

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 65,000 – Ksh. 70,000
Normal DeliveryKsh. 10,000 – 13,500
Pediatric clinicsKsh. 1,500 per visit.
Gynecology clinicsKsh. 2,000 – Ksh. 3,000 per visit.
St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Maternity Charges 

The clinics are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Maternity Package

Packages include; caesarian delivery, normal delivery with gynaecologist, pediatric clinic, Normal Delivery without gynaecologist.

Caesarian Delivery

There is an availability of a c section where women with birth complications are taken. The c section is run by qualified and experienced surgeons ranked all over. Basically, what happens in the c section is a minor surgery where there is incision of the abdomen to remove the baby, the c section has greatly reduced the risk of losing both mothers and children.

The surgeons on the other hand are very keen to ensure that the delivery process goes on well. In addition, they use clean surgical tools to prevent the risk of infection.

Normal Delivery

Expectant women with no birth complications have a chance to deliver normally at St Scholastica Uzima Hospital. The normal delivery could be by the help of the gynecologists or doctors or nurses. The staff in the department ensure that there is a very successful delivery. The service is also offered at a very affordable rate.

St Scholastica Uzima Hospital Services

Apart from maternity, the hospital offers other services. These are some of the offered services at St Scholastica Uzima Hospital;

Emergency Services

The Hospital has one of the most punctual staff in the emergency department. The staff working there is very skilled. The team is always standby at any given time. The staff work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure that when an emergency case arises, they are professionally handled in a timely manner.

There is also an availability of a modern ambulance. The ambulance also works for 24 hours. Through these department, there has been a great increase in terms of lives saved.


There is an ultrasound which is a medical examination that uses high frequency sound waves to capturer images of body organs. The following are performed; small parts ultrasound, breast scan, thyroid ultrasound, cardiac examination, 3D/4D obstetrics ultrasound, muscular skeletal ultrasound and doppler examination including carotid doppler’s.


The wards play a very great impact when it comes to healing of the patients. The facility has modern wards with very high bed capacities. The wards are also comfortable and spacious. These factors greatly help quicken the recovery process. the nurses also monitor the wards each and every time.

Through the monetization, they are able to deliver whatever thing the patients require. The nurses are also very co operative and ready to help the patients with whatever conditions they are going through.

Pharmacy Services

The amenity has a fully stocked pharmacy. The pharmacy has different types of drugs to cure a variety of diseases. Working there is a group of staff who understand their purpose in the department. The staff are there to make sure that the correct dosages are administered to the patients. This is just after the doctors have prescribed drugs to the patients.

As the chemists administer the correct dosage to the patients, there is a great assurance that there will be no issues of overdose and underdose. The chemists work for 24 hours a day with an aim of ensuring that the patient regains his/her normal condition.

Laboratory Services

This type of service is very important in a hospital. Basically, all tests are conducted at the laboratory. The laboratory is well structured, modern and fitted with modern testing equipment. The technicians working there are ever keen to produce very accurate results.

Some of the examinations conducted in the laboratories are; sickling tests, thyroid function test, cultures, infectious diseases such as measles, HIV, HBAIC, liver function tests, KOH preparation for Fungal elements and tumor makers. For accurate test results then take an initiative of visiting St Scholastica Uzima Hospital.

Consultation Services

The amenity gives you a chance to visit the doctors with an appointment for consultation services. The doctors are very friendly and ready to help the patients in any way. You can be able to have a session with the doctors and the doctors will clearly tell you where exactly to go. For consultation services visit the hospital.

Dental Services

St Scholastica has a dental clinic run by very skilled dentists. The dentists are available to ensure that teeth health is very ok. Some of the common services provided by these dentists are; tooth extractions, aesthetic dentistry, surgical procedures, teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry, periodontics (gum treatment) among many. Make an initiative of visiting St Scholastica Uzima Hospital and make your smile even brighter.


If you are looking for affordable services, St Scholastica Uzima Hospital maternity charges can be considered. Now you have a clear picture of St Scholastica Uzima Hospital. Goodluck.

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