Nurse Aide Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Nurse Aide Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Nursing is a profession that forms a basis of quality medication in any hospital facility due to their various responsibility such as taking good care of patients.

Nursing Aide is also known as nursing assistant majors on basic care that helps patients with activities of daily living.

Are you curious to know how much is a nurse aid paid in Kenya? A nurse Aide salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.108,000 including all monthly allowances such as transport, housing, among others.

Nurse Aide Requirements

Nurse Aide requirements includes a minimum grade of C in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with a minimum of C+ in Biology, Chemistry and English.

Nurse Aide Training In Kenya

Nurse Aide training takes two years for one to be well equipped with the required skills such as safety skills, interpersonal skills, basic restorative services skills, among others.

Nurse Aide training fees is Ksh.150,000 annually that caters for nursing theories and practicals.

Nurse Aide Schools In Kenya

1. Kenya Medical Training College,Mathare.

2. Nurse Aid Training Nairobi.

3. Cicely McDonnell College of Health Sciences.

4. Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute.

5. Aga Khan University School Of Nursing & Midwife.

6. Nairobi Women’s  Hospital Medical Training College.

7. Nazareth Medical College.

Nurse Aid Jobs In Kenya

Nurse Aide vacancies in Kenya are as follows:

a. Nurse Aide at Jacaranda Maternity.

b. Nurse Assistant at Meridian Health Group.

c. Nursing Director in Kijabe Hospital.

d. Research Assistant Nurse at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.

e. Critical care nurse assistant at The Karen Hospital.

f. Oncology nurse at The Karen Hospital.

Nursing Aide Jobs Without Experience

1. Nurse Assistant PRN at Watertown Regional Medical Center.

2. Patient Care Assistant at Jacaranda Maternity.

3. Nurse Assistant at Meridian Health Group.

4. Renal Nurse job in Mombasa.

5. Nursing Assistant Director at Kijabe, Kenya – AIC Cure Hospital.


Nursing Aide is a good career that is worth studying since one interacts with many patients. In addition, it is a high paying job with various allowances.

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