Operating Theater Technician Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Operating Theater Technician Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Before any surgery takes places, the theatre room and all the facilities that would be used are prepared by an operating theatre technician. The success of surgery starts with the great preparation of the needed tools.

An operating theatre technician performs duties such as

1. Sterilizing instruments before surgery,

2. Carrying out surgeons command during surgery,

3. Arranging instruments before surgery

4. Taking care of anaesthetic equipment, etc

If all along you were ambitious in venturing into one of them as a career, then the time to get on is now.

Being a theatre technician as well as a perioperative nurse is one of the luckiest jobs to have. The reason is because of these career is highly marketable in Kenya and more opportunities are now available in hospitals that offer surgery.

Maybe you may want to know how much does an operating theater technician earn. An operating theater technician salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 40,000 to Ksh.182,000 per month.

Perioperative Nursing Salary

Before we get deeper into salaries, let us begin by knowing who a perioperative nurse is. These are nurses who work with patients who are having operative procedures.

Perioperative nursing salary in Kenya is Ksh. 47,000 on average per month. You can acquire perioperative theatre jobs in Kenya as long as the hospital has an operating theatre.

Operating Theatre Technician Jobs in Nairobi Kenya Hospitals

You may find operative theatre technician job vacancies hospitals that offer surgery services such as:

  1. The Nairobi Hospital
  2. Garden Specialist Hospital
  3. Savannah Healthcare
  4. Kenyatta National Hospital, among others.

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