Nutritionist Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Nutritionist Salary In Kenya | New Updated Pay

Nutrition forms the basis of a healthy living of an individual. This is acquired by taking healthy food that contain nutrients that helps in the immunity system of a person.

 Nutritionist in Kenya provide nutrition counselling in health and diseases, managing nutrition care systems and maintaining appropriate standards of quality in food and nutrition care services.

Have you ever wondered how much does a nutritionist earn in Kenya? Salary for clinical nutritionist ranges from as low as Ksh.60,000 to as high as Ksh.500,000 per month including all allowances such as housing, transport, and other benefits.

Are you curious to know what is the highest paying job in nutrition? The Highest paying job in nutrition is Wellness Consultant with an average annual salary of Ksh.5,363,400.

Marketability Of Nutrition In Kenya

Is nutrition and dietetics marketable in Kenya? Yes. Nutrition and dietetics is a very marketable course in Kenya as there are several job opportunities for this course. This makes it in demand thus one should not worry about it.

Nutritionist Course in Kenya

Nutritionist course in Kenya is offered in various institutions such as:

1. Kenya Nutritionist & Dieticians Institute

2. Kenya Institute for social work and community development.

3. Kenya Institute of Professional studies, among others.

Nutrition Jobs In Kenya

If you are looking for a job, you can consider securing a job in the following institutions:

a. Company Nutritionist at Dorbe Leit Consulting, Nairobi.

b. Regional Nutritionist at International Committee of the Red Cross.

c. Nutrition Officer at Save the Children.

d. Nutrition Officer at Rural Agency For Community Development.

e. Nutrition Technical Specialist at Concern Worldwide.

f. Nutritionist at Getrude’s children Hospital.

NGO Nutrition Jobs In Kenya

NGO companies job post you can apply include:

1. Nutrition Officer.

2. Senior program Officer.

3. Health Nutrition Officer.

4. Information Technology Officer.

Diploma Nutrition Jobs In Kenya

Below are job opportunities for diploma holders in Nutrition:

a. Nutrition and Dietetics Technologist at the Ministry of Health.

b. Health Nutrition Officer at One Acre Fund.

c. Highest Paying Job In Nutrition


To summarize, Nutrition is the best career that one would wish to pursue since it’s services are highly demanded.Also,it has a good salary thus one makes a good money from it.

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