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Plainsview hospital Nairobi is a private nursing home hospital dedicated to serving the communities around and beyond. The hospital was started way back in 1999 and has gradually grown to be among the largest serving hospitals in Kiambu County.

The hospital provides professional care through their qualified staff to ensure patients feel more comfortable and less anxious.

Plainsview Hospital Address

  • Email:

Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Contacts

Phone: +254711717863

Plainsview hospital location

Location: along Thika Super Highway, Ruiru town, Kiambu

Plainsview Hospital Maternity Charges

Plainsview Hospital Maternity ServicesPlainsview Hospital Maternity Charges (Ksh.)
Plainsview Maternity Charges (Ksh.)
Caesarian SectionKsh. 60,000Only pay for other services such as scan if done, room amenities etc.
Normal Delivery Ksh 30,000Only pay for other services such as scan if done, room amenities etc.
Plainsview Hospital Ruiru Maternity Charges

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Plainsview Hospital Ruiru NHIF Code

Plainsview hospital Ruiru NHIF allows you an access to medical services at affordable rates. For clients registered under the NHIF charges can be as low as Ksh. 2000. However, the hospital has to view you NHIF status.

Plainsview hospital Ruiru NHIF code is


Accepted Insurance Companies By Plainsview Hospital

The list is lengthy. However, here is just a sample of a few randomly chosen insurance companies accepted by Plainsview Hospital.

  • CIC Insurance
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Resolution Insurance
  • Britam Insurance
  • Mtiba
  • APA Insurance
  • AON Insurance
  • Sanlam Insurance
  • Minet Insurance
  • Kenya Alliance Insurance

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Plainsview Hospital Maternity Services

Plainsview hospital Ruiru maternity offers their clients with professional and affordable services to expectant mothers and their growing babies. Some of the services include:

New Born Unit

The maternity department works to their best to ensure that mothers give safe births in both normal and caesarean section.

However, in instance where the children are born with life threatening complications such as premature births the hospital is armed with nurseries to provide incubator services to support life and photo-therapy for jaundice.

Nutrition Services

Nutritional advice to pregnant women and lactating mothers is offered. In case of malnutrition symptoms or nutrition disorders, nutritional intervention is advised to help mothers correct the defects using food and food products.

Antenatal Care

The care provides pregnant mothers with growth monitoring services to ensure uninterrupted growth continuity. The mother’s weight and pressure are regularly checked at every antenatal visit.

The mothers are supplied with essential supplements such as IFAS for proper child development to term. In case of possible complications are detected, immediate intervention is applied to correct the defect or the mother is prepared psychologically for alternatives.

Postnatal Care

There is a follow up programs such as growth monitoring scheduled at specific dates, administration of immunizations and vaccinations.

In case the assigned health care providers detects possibilities of delayed milestones specific specialists are recommended for further diagnosis.                                                             

Family Planning

There is availability of educational advice regarding family planning by professionals. The specialist health providers offer clients with a variety of family planning methods, their importance and side effects and effective duration and other lessons.

Some of the family planning methods include; implants, Depo, oral contraceptives, use of condoms and other procedural.

 Ambulance Services

Plainsview hospital provides ambulance services in case of emergencies. The ambulance offers transport for referral cases at friendly costs. The hospital is also equipped emergency specialists to cater for incoming casualties with minor various injuries.

The casualty department is equipped with pain relievers and resuscitation equipment. You can use the following contacts whenever you need the hospital ambulance services.

Phone: 020-3584085

Phone: +254727-910826


Theater Services

The facility is updated with a modern operational facility run by qualified surgeons, nurses and other trained technicians who ensures the procedure run smoothly without disruptions.

Some of the procedures include;

  • Gynaecological,
  • Orthopaedic,
  • General surgery
  • Ear,
  • Nose and many others.

In Patient Services

Inpatient services is offered in several packages that come at subsidized prizes. All the medications are administered to patients in different categories depending on the type of illnesses.

The hospitals have inbuilt wards run by specialists such as;

  1. Surgical wards,
  2. Medical wards,
  3. Pediatric wards,
  4. Maternity wards and many other wards.

Furthermore, the hospital offers patients with two optional admissions including general wards or private wards. Patients in private wards are likely to pay a higher amount of money compared to those admitted in general wards.

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Plainsview hospital maternity charges are affordable and can be paid with insurance companies including NHIF. Plainsview hospital maternity services are modernized to include normal deliver, surgery, and specialized newborn units. In the instance you have more enquiries, use the provided Plainsview hospital Ruiru contacts.

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