Salary Of A Lecturer In Kenya | New Salary Scale

Salary Of A Lecturer In Kenya | New Salary Scale

You may be asking your self how much is a lecturer salary in Kenya? Don’t worry I got an answer for you.

A lecturer is a person who gives lectures in a university or a college of higher education. Most lecturers are well paid in Kenya and those with advanced qualification can earn from both full time and part time lecture jobs.

Lecturers salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 100,000 – Ksh. 300,000per month. That is an average salary of a lecturer in Kenya. Included are house allowances, transport and other allowances.

University Lecturers Salary In Kenya

University lecturers salary in Kenya is around Ksh. 216,000 per month. The salary of a university lecturer in Kenya includes the allowances.  

College Teacher Salary In Kenya

Basically, a college teacher administers knowledge to college students. A college teacher salary in Kenya varies. The salary might range from Ksh. 74,700 to Ksh. 284,000.

Salary Of A Part Time Lecturer In Kenya

A part time lecturer is a professional who lectures one or two classes and they may not teach on regular basis. The salary of a parttime lecture in Kenya is Ksh. 1,025 per hour in average.

Salary Of Assistant Lecturer In Kenya

Assistant lecturers also get paid. The good work they do must be appreciated. The salary of an assistant lecturer in Kenya is about Ksh. 216,000 per month.

Salary Of A Technical Teacher In Kenya

The value of technical teachers is also high. A technical teacher may earn around Ksh. 145,000 per month.

JKUAT Lecturer Salary

Have you ever asked yourself how much is a JKUAT lecturer salary? Today I have an answer to your question. A lecturer working in JKUAT earns ana average salary of 150k per month.

Mount Kenya University Lecturer Salary

Mount Kenya University lecturers salary varies depending on the lectures department. The salary however ranges from 38k to 125k.

Kenyatta University Lecturers Salary

Kenyatta University lecturers salary is about Ksh. 119,500 per month. It is a good pay right?

Tutorial Fellow Salary In Kenya

It is crystal clear that a tutorial fellow salary in Kenya is 60,000 per month.

University Lecturers Salary Scales

Grade 11: Ksh. 83,598K- Ksh.118,345K

Grade 12: Ksh. 99,409- Ksh.140, 683

Grade 13: Ksh. 112,038K- Ksh. 159,720

Grade 14: Ksh. 145,441K- Ksh. 203,605K

Grade 15: Ksh. 170,681K – Ksh. 248, 898

Let me hope you found some useful information. And I also hope that you have learnt something from the article.

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