Vice Chancellor Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Vice Chancellor Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Vice Chancellors form the basis of the administration in various firms. Recruitment of employees are done by them.

Besides, both vice chancellors and have various tasks that majors on ensuring peace and smoothness of activities in the organization.

You may wonder is vice chancellor higher than chancellor? No, a chancellor is always higher than a vice chancellor. A chancellor is usually the head while vice chancellor is the assistant in the administration.

Vice Chancellor Salary

Vice chancellors pay in Kenya was increased recently with a higher percentage thus they earn more salaries than the previous years.

However, not all vice chancellors earn equal salary.

It is because the vice chancellor salary table in Kenya varies drastically based on the firm one is working for, education level, work experience, among others.

Now, how much does a vice chancellor earn in Kenya? Vice chancellor salary in Kenya ranges fromnKsh.428,000 to Ksh.800,989 per monthly including all allowances.

University Chancellor Salary

A university Chancellor is the leader in the university usually the executive head of the university who is in control of everything in that respective institution.

A university Chancellor salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.800,000 per month including all allowances such as transport allowances, among others.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Salary

This is the assistant Vice chancellor who helps in the administration. This is the rank that follows the Vice Chancellor.

Deputy vice chancellor salary in Kenya range is as low as Ksh.336,748 to as high as Ksh.480,000 on a monthly basis including all allowances.

UON Chancellor

University Of Nairobi (UON) has a chancellor who ensures that learning activities takes place smoothly. He plays a vital role in the administration in this university.

UON Chancellor earns an average of Ksh.822,000 per month including all the benefit packages such as medical insurance, housing, transport allowances, and other benefits.


In the end, we realize that being a vice Chancellor is a good career that is worth studying due to its high benefits such as high basic salaries, various allowances, among others. In deed, it is a career that makes dreams come true.

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