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If you are looking for Seaside Hospital maternity charges, services, contacts, location, address, gynaecologist, doctors, and many more about the hospital then you are in the right place. I have prepared a wholesome guide about Seaside Hospital just for you.

Medical services are one of the basic requirements that a country requires in order to ensure a healthy living standards of its citizens. There is a minimum number of public hospitals across the country and thus created an environment to establish a private hospital.

 Seaside hospital is a private organisation that was established in 1934 with an aim of helping Kenyans to fight diseases. It offers quality medication at an affordable price to its patients. Maternity services are also offered in this hospital.

Seaside Hospital Contacts

Phone 1: 0727500294

Phone 2: 0722420634

Phone 3: 0702550558

Phone 4: +254706486311

Phone 5: +254720039010


Seaside Hospital Address

 Seaside Hospital address: P.O Box 252; Mombasa 80100

Email address-

Seaside Hospital Location

Based on the setting, Sea side hospital is located along bishop makarios, arch bishop Makarios road, Mombasa island Kenya in Mombasa county.

Seaside Hospital Directions        

Seaside Hospital and Maternity, Bishop Makarios Road, Mombasa Island, Mombasa

Seaside Hospital Maternity Charges

Maternity facilities and ante-natal care are among the variety of quality services offered by seaside hospital. Below is a table outlining the maternity services and their respective charges:

Seaside Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Caesarean section(C/section)Ksh.65,000
Antenatal for  the first visitKsh.2,200
Antenatal for the other visitKsh.200
Seaside Hospital Maternity Charges

Seaside Hospital Maternity Package

Expectant ladies are well cared for by providing maternity packages at an affordable price such as normal delivery services, Caesarean services, gynaecological services, antenatal care, neonatal ICU, post-natal services, well baby clinics among many more.

Normal Delivery Services

Existence of several midwives in this amenity has made normal delivery a success in this hospital. They ensure the baby and the mother are in good conditions after delivery.

Caesarean Services

Emergency cases such as abnormal foetal position, multiple babies, prolonged labour among others calls upon Caesarean section to be done in order to prevent any complications. Seaside hospital and maternity has adequate facilities for C/Section thus offered at its level best.

Antenatal Services

Monitors the development of the foetus and ensure that the pregnancy is well taken care of. This service is offered at a cheaper price thus affordable by the majority.

Ultrasound Services

Pregnancy ultrasounds is done in this amenity for the following reasons:

  • Check for multiple pregnancies
  • Check for foetal heartbeat
  • Examine the uterus
  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy
  • Confirm the pregnancy
  • Determine the due date of the lady
  • Determine the gender of the unborn

This service has helped reduce complications during delivery.

Seaside Hospital Services

Multiplicity of eminent services are offered by professional workforce in Seaside Hospital. This services include;

General Medical Clinic

Primary health care that focuses on the wellness of the patients. Treat diseases that occur in a short duration such as malaria, common cold before they become chronic. They also act as a link between patients and specialists since they help in carrying out X-rays and lab tests on patients.

Dental Care

Dentistry is one of the basic services among the vary many services offered by seaside hospital.

It has qualified professional dentists who aid in; root canal treatment, braces attachment, dry socket management, teeth cleaning, cavity/filling treatment, tooth extraction, teeth scaling, dental check-up or consultation, dental crowns and bridges, oral exams, routine x-rays, oral surgery etc.


Well organised theatre rooms which have adequate facilities and professional surgeons has helped surgery services to be efficient in this hospital. They strive to make all operations successful and the patients to be out of danger.

Pharmacy Services

Continuous flow of medicine is ensured by this service. They prevent the hospital from running out of medicine. Also, patients are able to get access to cheaper medicine compared to other health facilities.

Pharmacists in this hospital do the counselling procedures to ensure the wellness of their patients.

Emergency Care Services

To stabilize some patients’ conditions, the emergency room and staff are well prepared in order to achieve a healthy state of the patient. This can be done before further treatment or discharge of the patient.

Outpatient Services  

Intensive outpatient care services are provided in this facility. This service helps to increase patients’ flexibility since they don’t spend overnight in this facility.

Home And Community Based Services

People with behavioural and mental health needs in the society are helped by Seaside’s Home and community based services to ensure that they also become successful in life.

Professional personnel are involved and all the resources are fully utilized to ensure this project becomes a success in the society at large.

Vaccination Services

This is an effective way of protecting individuals from deadly diseases such as polio, corona virus, measles among the many other dangerous diseases. The new born require vaccination in a high demand thus Seaside Hospital decided to offer this services to its patients so as to have healthy children.

Vaccination schedules are there for children below seven years of age.

Radiology Services

Deals with X-Rays, high energy radiation for diagnosis of certain internal diseases so as to effectively treat the diseases or the injured body parts. Seaside hospital has radiologists who perform the diagnosis of a disease in the human body.

In case of any internal check-ups, visit the radiologists in Seaside hospital in order to know your health status.


I believe the content about Seaside Hospital maternity charges and services has been helpful to you. Taking everything into account, Seaside hospital has been able to solve the harmful health conditions not only to its residents but also other citizens in the country. For any check-ups and treatment visit Seaside hospital in order to get a quality medication. In case of any questions contact the hospital.

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