Underwriter Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Underwriter Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Underwriters play a vital role in evaluating and assuming another party’s risk for a fee. Underwriters work in various industrial fields such as insurance industry, equity markets, among others.

Have you ever wondered how much is an underwriter paid? Underwriter salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.109,000 per month. This is an average salary including all allowances such as housing allowances, commuter allowances, and other benefits.

How much do underwriters make a week? An insurance underwriters make an average of Ksh.22,000 a week.

Underwriter Officer Salary In Kenya

Underwriter officer utilizes data in the insurance company in order to determine risks in creating insurance policies.

Underwriter officer earns an average of Ksh.169,000 per month inclusive of all monthly allowances.

Insurance Salaries Kenya

A person working in an Insurance company earns a salary range of as low as Ksh.20,000 to as high as Ksh.774,000 per month.

The salary varies based on the rank, specialization, working experience, education level,among others.

Britam Kenya Salaries

Salary range of Britam is as low as Ksh.32,000 to as high as Ksh.790,000 per month including all allowances.

Also, the salary varies depending on factors such as job group, working experience, skills, education level, among others.

Highest Paying Underwriter Job In Kenya

What underwriter makes more money? The highest paying underwriter is and insurance an insurance underwriter.

Marketability Of Underwriters In Kenya

Are underwriters in Demand? Yes, underwriters are in high demand in Kenya due to many people purchasing insurance covers based on their health, properties, among others. This makes it more marketable due to the various job opportunities available for underwriters.

Underwriter Jobs In Kenya

Vacant jobs that underwriters can apply for include:

1. Medical Underwriter at Corporate Staffing, Nairobi.

2. Assistant Underwriter at CIC Insurance company.

3. Assistant Underwriting Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, Nairobi.

4. Underwriter at I&M Bank Medical.

5. Underwriting Manager at Directline Assurance Company Limited.

6. Claims and Underwriting Associate at Britam Insurance.

7. Underwriter at Old Mutual Kenya.

Head of Underwriting at Rose Avenue Group.


Underwriting job is among the top listed jobs in Kenya with mouth watering salaries. Also, it is a more marketable career that has a near full employment thus has more benefits to the Kenyan economy.

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