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Among the animals with the highest value is the goat. Goats are well known for producing sweet meat and quality milk. In addition, they are easy to find and rare. They don’t occupy larger spaces like cows do. Goats are also easy to treat whenever sick and can be dewormed when infected with worms.

Dairy goats, for instance, are mostly preferred. They bring about higher profits after selling their milk.

The question of where to buy dairy goats in Kenya may be among your main concerns. If that is truly the case, then you are in the very right place.

Places to Buy Dairy Goats in Kenya

Here are some places you can buy dairy goats:

  1. NDG Farm.
  2. Mkulima Young.
  3. Ruai Tharuyu Farm.
  4. Wilsam Dairy Farm.
  5. Heifer International.
  6. Kenya Dairy Goats.

Are you trying to find out where to buy goat milk in Kenya? Well, if that is it, then worry less. Kibidav Farm is among the best-known places to buy goat milk in Kenya.

At Wambugu farm, dairy goats are very healthy and affordable. In addition, they produce quality milk in large amounts.

Kalro is well known for selling the best dairy goats at affordable prices. Kalro dairy goats are considered the most healthy and beautiful goats.

The Cowsoko and NaivaFresh goat dairies are among the places where you can buy Saanen goats in Kenya.

There are a lot of goats for sale in Kenya. Dairy goats for sale, for instance, are available. Their prices range from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 25,000.

The price of goat milk in Kenya currently runs at Ksh. 200 on average. The milk is expensive due to its unique nutritional value.


I believe that this article has helped you find the answers to your queries. If you have a dream of conducting dairy goat farming in Kenya, then it’s time to fulfil that dream. Successful dairy farmers in Kenya have made it because they were determined and focused.

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