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Sheep are widely known for their production of wool and mutton. This shows that sheep are profitable domestic animals to raise in Kenyan homes. A lot of sheep farmers have been able to secure a higher source of income ever since they began that journey. Sheep farming is common in some areas of the country, but not in others.

Sheep, however, have different breeds. Today, our main concern will be the dorper type of sheep. This breed is well known for mutton production and not for wool.

For instance, you may want to be in a position to know where to buy dorper sheep in Kenya.

Places Where to Buy Dorper Sheep

Are you interested to know some of the places where you can buy dorper sheep in Kenya today? Well, below are a list of some of the places:

  1. Chemichemi Dorpers.
  2. Amagoh Dorpers Stud.
  3. Kisanana Dorper Sheep Breeders Society.
  4. Lengetia Farm

These are among the places where you can get dorper sheep in Kenya.

Dorper Sheep Breeding Regions


There are also Dorper sheep in Naivasha. The sheep are considered healthy since they are in a region of good food supply. Farmers who rare Dorper sheep in Naivasha are among the richest people in the region.


There are also Dorper sheep for sale in Laikipia. The sheep, however, come in a variety of colours. For instance, you have to choose the color of your own preference. The prices are also affordable for anyone willing to buy.


Dorper sheep for sale in Nakuru can be found depending on the amount of money you have. After conducting the purchase, you won’t regret it because the profits will be higher than the purchase price.


If you have the required amount of money, you can get healthy Dorper sheep for sale in Eldoret. You can then purchase it and decide whether you will resell it, keep it, or use it for mutton production.


Nanyuki is well known for its green pastures that can sustain the lives of sheep. Many farmers raise Dorper sheep in Nanyuki since the climate favors them.


You can get Dorper sheep for sale in Nairobi and other parts of the country at affordable prices. Let me believe that the article has been of great importance. If you’ve ever thought of having a herd of Dorper sheep, then the time to make your dreams come true is now.

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