Where to Buy Greek Yogurt in Kenya, Prices, Best Brands

Yogurt is basically a product made from milk. This is to mean that it has the same nutritious values that milk has. In simple terms, yogurts are rich in vitamins, calcium, and very high in proteins. The calcium in it helps in terms of strengthening bones and teeth. Yogurts also help in preventing digestive problems.

There are, however, different types of yogurt in terms of origin. Our main concern today will be Greek yogurt. That brings us to the question of where to buy Greek yogurt in Kenya.

Places to Buy Greek Yogurt in Kenya

  1. At Carrefour Galleria.
  2. Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket (Yaya).
  3. Whitecow Greek yogurt.
  4. Greenspoon-Online Food Store.

These are the well-known places where you can buy Greek yogurt in Kenya. 

Greek yogurt prices in Kenya can be as low as Ksh.100. The price varies depending on the flavour and even quantity. 

The price of yoghurt in Kenya may vary depending on the brand, quality and quantity. For instance, the price of a 5-litre of yogurt in Kenya is about Ksh. 700 on average. 

5 Well-Known Yogurt Brands in Kenya

Are you trying to find the best yogurt brand in Kenya? Well, there are about five best-known brands. The brands include Delamere, Ilara, Fresha yogurt, Daima, and Delite. The best of them all, after a competition was conducted, was found to be Delamere yogurt. This was because of its quality and natural flavour.

Plain yogurt in Kenya is available across different shops. They can also be found in supermarkets. You personally can also decide to make the plain yoghurt for yourself as long as you have the required ingredients. 

Get the best natural yoghurt in Kenya at different places around your region at affordable prices. Enjoy the taste and be ready to gain nutritious value from it. 


I am sure by now you have all the answers as to where to buy greek yogurt in Kenya. Also, I believe you now know what the best yogurt brand is and why. If this review was helpful to you, then go ahead and buy Greek yogurt in Kenya today from the mentioned places.

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