Where to Buy Goat Milk in Nairobi, Best Prices, High-Quality

Milk is well known for its nutritious value. This is evident because even a newly born baby requires a mother’s milk for survival. Milk is very rich in calcium, phosphorus, and even potassium. As a matter of fact, a lot of animals produce milk.

In this article, however, we are concerned about goat’s milk. This milk is among the best, however, it is expensive as compared to cow’s milk. This is because it is so thick and nutritious. 

Your main point of interest may be where to buy goat milk in Nairobi. If that is it, then this article has got you covered.

Among the places to buy goat milk in Nairobi include; Kibidav Farm, Mwikhokho Dairy Goat Farm, and Mkulima Young. 

The price of goat milk in Kenya is currently retailing at an average of about Ksh. 200 per litre.

The Togg goat milk price per litre is Ksh.368. The milk is, however, stored in good refrigeration conditions and is up-to-date. The milk also has nutritious and health benefits. 

Where to Sell Goat Milk in Nairobi

You may have goat milk, yet you have no idea where to sell it in Nairobi. If that is it, then worry less.

You can sell goat milk to goat retailers around Nairobi or you can decide to sell the milk to shopkeepers around you. Toggs goat milk, for instance, is among the best places where to do the sales. There are even more places to sell goat milk. 

Find the best milk market and sell your milk at a profitable price.

Where to Buy Dairy Goats

You can buy dairy goats at Wambugu Farm. Their dairy goats are always healthy and affordable. There are also different breeds of goats on that farm.

Kalro dairy goats are among the healthiest goats around. The goats are well taken care of in terms of food and even medication. The goats also produce plenty of milk. They also sell the goats at relatively good prices. 

Toggenburg, Alpines, and Saanen are the most common milk goat breeds in Kenya. The breeds are well known for their high production of quality milk. When you walk around different homes, these are among the breeds you will see. 

Successful Dairy Goat Farmers

There are a lot of successful dairy goat farmers in Kenya who have been able to earn a lot ever since they began the business. For instance, Robert Macharia Kinyua left his job that was paying Ksh. 1,500 in 2014 to venture into dairy goat farming. As we speak now, Kinyua is on the verge of becoming a multimillionaire. 


Enjoy the health benefits of buying milk goats in Nairobi today. If you ever thought of rearing dairy goats or selling goat milk, then you should make your dreams come true now without hesitation. When venturing into the milk market, you have to be patient enough just to have a smooth and successful business. Later on, you will realise that you will earn a lot from that kind of farming activity. 

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