Where to Buy Hydrogen Peroxide in Kenya, Uses & Side Effects

Do you have burns or minor cuts on your skin? Don’t you know how easily you can prevent infections that occur due to these cuts and burns? If that is the real case, then worry less. I want to give you the best solution on how you can prevent the injuries from being infected.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best chemicals one can use in order to prevent such infections. Hydrogen peroxide also has very many uses apart from the ones mentioned. Some other hydrogen peroxide uses include cleaning surfaces, bleaching hair, and relieving minor mouth irritation. 

Our main concern today is where to buy hydrogen peroxide in Kenya. Continue reading to find out the best places to buy your hydrogen peroxide.

Where to get hydrogen peroxide in Kenya:

  1. Portal pharmacy.
  2. Skylight chemicals.
  3. Jiji.
  4. Jumia.
  5. Kenworks Ventures.

How much does hydrogen peroxide cost in Kenya? This has been a very common question, which might also be of interest to you. Hydrogen peroxide can be found for as low as Ksh. 100. That is the price of a 200 mL hydrogen peroxide (H202) solution.

Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is available for your mouth cleansing solutions. You can find them at a chemist or pharmacy near you. Hydrogen peroxide for teeth should be used in prescribed amounts so as to bleach your teeth white by removing stains. 

Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide may also have side effects when used in large amounts. Some of the side effects include redness, skin burning, itching, swelling of the skin, and peeling, among others. This is to imply that it should be used in minimal amounts to prevent any serious reaction leading to complications.


Let me hope that this article has impacted you with the relevant knowledge you require. In addition, you now have a clear idea on where you can buy hydrogen peroxide in Kenya. Good luck as you purchase hydrogen peroxide for whatever purpose you may have.

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